Summer 2018 Recap

This summer 2018 touches to this end in these days. The weather has started to be a little more low and my school work has begun… It’s time to do a summer recap, I started to do some summer recaps there is three years ago and I love to do these recaps and write them.


This summer 2018 was good with little points of high anxiety. I tried to have fun things the more possible and I had, since now I want to have fun in everyday life.


From my big summer beach family vacation in July to a trip in a park theme in August, passing by a night at the Mini Golf or simply my outdoor hot tub times. I can declare this summer a good summer. I particularly learned something this summer too, “the perseverance on hard things can you make happy”! In the beginning of summer, I did a summer bucket list and you know what… I managed to do all things in my list except drone, I did not take the time really to find places to use my drone because in France the laws are complicated and each time where I was (as my summer trip) it was not allowed. Here a little recap with my top 15 of this summer.


#1 Ajaccio, Corsica.

My big summer trip in Ajaccio, Corsica is on the top between the good and bad days.

Highlights of the trip:

A lot of cruising on the Mediterranean.

Saw a lot including a giant cruise ship.

My sunset beach photo session.

The beautiful transparent or turquoise waters.

My wake up at 6h30am for watch sunrise (I think that’s could now a best to do on my summer beach trip in my life).

My day in Bonifacio and to have done L’escalier du Roi D’Argan.

My new favorite thing: floating with a float on the sea.

The six first days without disputes with my sister.

My first big TGV alone ride.


#2 Basel Firework Photoshoot.

A BEST, BEST, shooting Basel, Switzerland 31th July Firework is an absolute favorite of my summers during these last three years and I hope to continue like that.


#3 EuroPa Park.

In August, I did with my family a day trip (found the post here) at EuroPa Park, Germany. I had a good time and I could not include him in the top 5. Fun theme park day.


#4 Outdoor Hot Tub.

The hot tub is clearly my favorite compared to the pool. I loved the time spent in the hot tub. This year contrary to the last year, I managed to spend a lot of more time completely in the hot tub. Because I have always a cold body, last year I had so much difficult but this year it was better, each time that it was 32°C/88°F and sunny, I took advantage. I managed to enjoy good these hot tub times.


#5 Relax in front of the sun.

Side to the hot tub, relax with the sun it was good.


#6 Mini Golf.

It was on my summer bucket list. I never did golf of my life before and this summer I wanted really trying. An evening with my parents we went did it. I love the Mini Golf. I’m in the mind to do it again and that before next summer.


#7 Fair & Ferris Wheel.

The smell, the music, the lights during the night. I love summer fair night. This year, I did for the first time of my life also… Ferris Wheel. It was a little anxious but fun. I loved.


#8 Eat Ice Creams.

Summer, hot,… I ate a lot of ice creams and of different types. I tested new like the magnum classic and vanilla chocolate together.


#9 Water Things.

I love water these times and I wanted just to have a fun with water things watch, play, take photos,… water things during summer. I did it.


#10 Sunset Beach Photography.

It’s include in my Ajaccio, Corsica trip but it was a special time, an of my favorite of my trip and a favorite of this summer and a favorite thing to do in life.


#11 Evening outside.

Late, night, not too hot, sunset or black sky and stars. I have a particularly good psychological feeling outside during the summer evenings.


#12 Ferry Times.

Again another thing in my trip at Ajaccio, Corsica but a favorite time to cruising on ferry. I just want clearly do cruises now.


#13 Wear Tees/Shorts/Swim Suits/Flip Flops.

It’s summer, a summer thing… why I include this in my review, it’s because there is few years weeks ago I did not love wear summer clothes, today even if cozy winter clothes are my favorite, I loved to wear summer clothes and accessories.


#14 Tv Shows Marathons.

Psych and Hawaï 5-0 marathons were here during summer. I started to watch BULL season 1 and finished, equally NCIS New Orleans season 4. Quality time for mind.


#15 4th July/14th July.

I loved to do something of special on 4th July (USA Independence Day) and 14th July (France Bastille Day). To do something special on this day, learn something,… holidays summer days.


Now, I have already few ideas of what I want to do on next summer but if I must change something about these things include in my top 15, it’s of spend less of time for tv shows marathons and instead more nights stay outside in the backyard or outside activities in nights. That’s just my ideas! I think that I managed and switched rather good to spend quality time on each thing in this list, I feel contented. I feel good.

That’s wrap summer 2018 recap.


Summer 2017 Recap here.


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