Smoothie Life + Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl Recipe

The fresh feeling of smoothie! This year, in my yearly goals I launched me a special goal, drink smoothies! My eating disorders have done these past years that I did not eat a lot and ANY fruits or vegetables. I was motivated to try eating fruits at least but I never have done it! And last year, I discovered the Instagram account of @earthyandy and his account and his photos inspired me and have given the want again more to try fruits and particularly smoothies. Because I have never managed to do it! I placed it on my goals list for 2019. Ok! We are mid-year and I have worked good on this goal and since the spring season, I’m really regular! I started by to do a few simple and easy smoothies as I’m very new in the smoothie world and after about two months, I tested many different smoothies. I started by drink smoothies and about one month ago, I started to eat smoothie bowls also. Now, I eat or drink about 3 to 5 smoothies by week. Some weeks, I can to do one every single day. I love to drink smoothies! And since I started to eat smoothie bowls, I love again more. I love more eat smoothie in a bowl that drinks in a glass! I love more the smoothie bowl texture. You probably find me all the time to do some smoothies like a snack in the mid-afternoon. But during this summer season, I want to try to do them for breakfast also.

Right! I eat so many smoothies these last two months that my blender did not support that I use it almost every day anymore. He’s chaos! He is not able anymore to blend correctly the frozen fruits. This week, I just bought a new and more powerful! I’m pretty proud of me because when I write down this goal, I never thought that I could to love so much and to be regular at least two months. I’m happy! My groceries list has totally changed, if before I did not ever go on fruits shelves, now it’s the first thing that I do during doing the groceries pick up. Since two weeks, I always try to find new fruits. And trying new smoothie flavors. I have already tested about ten different kinds of smoothies maybe 15. Some I loved, some I hated! These that I love I can eat them many times in the same weeks. But now, I really try new fruits! It’s depending of my mood and of the weather because when it’s hot I love more include some kind of fruits and not others.

I will probably share many of my favorite smoothie recipes on my blog this summer! Today, I will share my first and my favorite smoothie bowl recipe at the moment. It will always stay some easy with just a few ingredient recipes. Because I want to do simple and easy!

Strawberry banana smoothie bowl

1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen strawberry
1 cup milk (I love to use almond milk)

Blend all ingredients together at high speed.


Well! I maybe need to improve my smoothie bowl topping again but out of the fact that I love smoothies, I started to love to decorate and to do a mix of different fruits on the topping. Do you love smoothies?




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