Spring Fashion

This a little fashion post today. I do not do really fashion posts because I’m not a fashion women for me clothes have to be comfort for that I’m feel good with me and my mental disorders.


And today, I wanted talk about of what I will wear for this spring. Spring is on the beginning it’s sound just perfect for that post.


Side notes before: I haven’t a big wardrobe because I do not want, I’m minimalist in my lifestyle including my wardrobe and I do not want change that. In february, I just added and bought more new clothes that usually because I needed, for spring season already last year I haven’t enough of clothes for change me every days correctly. Another thing, about the size of clothes that I bought, it’s depending some brands but for my tops I bought generally size M because I want keep during few years the new clothes that I buy and I keep in mind that I’m underweight and that I must take weight and grow and when I could have a little grow I do not want change again of clothes because if I choose the clothes that I buy it’s because I love them and I want keep them few years and I like more oversize tops but my size real that I need is XS, I take tops two sizes bigger also because I have often cold and put two or three layers of clothes. About bottoms, it’s a little more hard because you can’t really take two sizes above for keep them few years and that on the other side in your mind you need to grow emergency for your health, a jean or pant too big it’s hard to wear, I buy less of bottons I took the size that I need actually that is to say size 2. in jeans, skinny because slim it’s too big.


Let’s time to show you my favorite clothes for this spring season (can be for summer too) for that I’m feel better in my body and my mental health.


These two Cotton Baseball Long Sleeves from Boden, I bought in hazy blue and klein blue/ivory.

I love them they are so comfort to wear and sweet I love the hazy blue but my favorite is clearly with the stripes.


I haven’t not really of shirts and again less for spring, it was necessary that I bought me some, I founded and choose my favorite shirts, that’s all good!

This Light Blue Shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch.


I found these two also and I love them from J Crew.

Relaxed Boy Shirt in Crinkle Gingham in two colors, bright eggplant and deep jade.


At home, I love above all wear chino pants, it’s so comfort.

My favorite chino is from Esprit of twice seasons ago, he look like this one.


My sunglasses Ray Ban, I bought them last year.


I love graphics tee but above all basics tee, I found just one like I wanted on Boden.

Crew Neck Tee Short Sleeves, I bought it in white and hazy blue.


In spring, when it’s not enough hot for sandal, I love wear New Balance sneakers.

These grey/gold are my favorite ever.


I don’t know again if swimsuit could be necessary before summer but I have this one of last year that I love and I’m currently to try to found a new for this year.

Roxy Flowers sumsuit.


It was a little view of my spring wardrobe.

See you tomorrow.


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