Spa Getaway

This weekend, we took a little spa getaway. It was my mom’s birthday recently and she wanted to celebrate in a spa getaway. In a happy mood, because since last year I love spa getaway. Hot tubs are maybe an of my happy place during the hot days. The noise of the bubbles in the hot tub do not let time to my obsessional thoughts to come. I stopped to go skiing about two weeks ago so this little spa trip was perfect to take over my “ski blues” and remember me that hot days and water things can to be good also. Not the best but good also! We booked a hotel room with spa access at the border from Switzerland about 1 hour away from our house. I spent my saturday happy in the bubbles of the hot tub and pool. The weather was gorgeous outside so we have done an outdoor picnic for dinner with a beautiful sunset view. After dinner, no one of my family wanted but me I went in the hot tub by night, I love the spa area by night with all the colors. This day, I tried also for the first time in my life to go in a hammam and sauna. Nop! The fresh air of the mountains is so much better for me! During this spa getaway, I had to fight my social anxiety as hard because there are so many peoples in the spa area. I was not good but finally once time in the water I was rather good. We were back at home on sunday afternoon. It was a nice little getaway!

I love these short spa getaways! Thanks for reading! xoxo.


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