SOLO Trips Update

In March and before my first SOLO trip, I did a post about my therapeutic “solo” trips, you can found it here but now after I did my first big SOLO trip, I do not call these trips “therapeutic solo trips” anymore because after this first big SOLO trip in April, my solo trips are not anymore therapeutic because I have now achieved a autonomy level more high that never and that never I will have thinking. Of course, SOLO trips have always a little therapeutic side but I just want SOLO trips for to do something of special for me, take care of me, discovered new adventures by myself. I do not need emergency SOLO trips for increase my autonomy like before, to do SOLO trips in future could increase my autonomy again. But now I have a extremely much of autonomy, I do all by myself, I have social autonomy. I have again some progress to do but seriously I’m so HAPPY about all autonomy that I managed to achieve since few months and again more with my first SOLO trip in April.

You want see my SOLO trip or if you have missed the review of my first SOLO trip in Nice, France.

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Solo trips are extraordinary for yourself, increase your self confidence and learn a lot about your self but seriously I’m feel a little weird and out of me since that I did my first big solo trip because never I would have thought that I could to be able to do a so much big thing like that and yet I did it but sometimes in my head it’s like if it was not me who did that. Before, I did not have any self confidence, so, now I have more self confidence but sometimes when I think that I did it, I told myself literally that it’s not me who did a solo trip. But I did it. Clearly, so weird in my head!


Same if sometimes I feel like it’s not me who did a solo trip, I’m so proud of me sometimes also!

That’s sound so complicated in my all that maybe because before I did not have any self confidence but nevertheless I want to do again some solo trips. And… I started to booking my second solo trip… I booked the hotel and flights already. My second solo trip could be in the mid-october, and again at Nice. I decided to choose again Nice for this second solo trips because I LOVE SO MUCH Nice and I’m feel good in this city, I know the city,… it’s more comfortable for me, I know it’s not really some new big adventures but I’m not a expert in solo trips, I just did one. For more increase my self confidence and learn again more things about solo trip, I chosen Nice for my second solo trip and for the year of 2018. I’m already in planning to see/found places/projects for my others solo trips and particularly in 2019. I keep Nice for 2018 and in 2019 I could to do others city, others new adventures. I have already few ideas, I’m in the process for when where go in functions of the seasons, I started also to look up the hotels/transports prices of the places. My head is full about that these moments, it’s in the process…


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  1. I wish I could do a solo trip, but I think I would be terrified. Not necessarily because of the bipolar, but more because of the autism and my anxiety about new places/experiences/sounds/sensations/etc.

    • I understand before also I was terrified and finally this year was the year where I felt less terrified and where I wanted really do it. May be a day you could feel you less terrified. I hope for you!

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