Solo Trip in Nice 2018 – Part Two

The adventures to travel solo!

Last week, I was on my second solo trip in Nice, France. The trip was two full nights at the hotel. I left home on tuesday morning and I went home on thursday late afternoon with my flight delayed. The trip was good, I lived more experiences. The weather was good and not! It was sunny in the beginning of the trip and rainy on the end of the trip but it was hot. The weather didn’t change my mind to fight my mental health. I was completely in autonomy, I was so much outside in society and I felt good. I had no social anxiety! Yes! No! Any! The first time in my life! I defeated few fears, like my fear to be outside alone in dark. My flights were good, I take off with my flight back home delayed about 1h30 in cause of a technical problem on the plane on an of his early flight but you know what! I’m so thankful for that! Thanks to this delay, when I was on the runway ready to take off, I saw from my window an A380 Emirates landing. It was awesome! Just next to me! This plane is just so big! I always dreamed to see this plane landing from a plane where I could to be inside. Compared to my first solo trip, I better sleep on this one. On the first, I did not sleep of the two nights and here I did not had a good sleep but I slept about 4 hours by nights. I did not take anxiolytics during the trip except one pill before I left home on tuesday morning and one pill when I left the hotel for go to the airport because the security control is always something who anxious me a lot, I’m always scared to be blocked and seriously! It’s never happened again! But! I knew it that if I could to have high anxiety it was during these times so I wanted to prevent it. I walked a lot during my trip, I blew up my steps numbers. On wednesday, I did 18000 steps. Yes! I just walked so much. I was not specially tired during my trip but when I was back home, I wanted just sleep! OMG! I think: the thing the more hard about the trip it was carrying my luggage, I took one carry-on but it was hard and painful to travel with. I do not have much psychical force and it was the hardest thing!

I have started to plan this trip back in May, just one month after my first solo trip (you can find the recap here). I have decided to choose again Nice for this trip and the same time (two nights – three days) because after my first successful solo trip, I felt that I have need to do again a destination that I know before take new adventures. It was a good idea! It was a rather similar trip than the first but now, I feel more confident for travel solo and I’m now in projects for new destinations solo trips for 2019.


Left home on tuesday early morning. My mom and sister accompanied me at the airport. And my own solo time starting! Late morning, I had my flight of about 1 hour until Nice. The flight was clear, no turbulence!  A beautiful view on mountains (French-Swiss Alps) and on the French Riviera during landing. I had the time to watch two episodes of Modern Family season 9 during my flight.

At 12h10pm, I was at the airport and at this time, I knew that I could to be faced big my social anxiety. From the airport at the hotel, I take the bus. But! On this day, there had a big strike in transportations services and I didn’t know if I could to have really a bus. So first, like my hotel room was only available from 02h00pm. I have the time! I decided to stay in the airport and go drink something. I took a smoothie and take a calm time before launch me.

I have chosen to stay at the same hotel that the last time because I love it and the location is just so good for to do what I want. Easily to go at each place that I want by walking and not took transports. I stayed at the Mercure Promenade Des Anglais hotel. Ok! I went at the agency in the airport to get my bus tickets and I asked to the lady a little anxious #socialanxiety if a bus goes until where I need. She told me, yes. Ok, I took the bus, in fact, the airport bus was the only one who worked during this strike. Ok! Good! Before 02h00pm, I was easily finally at the hotel. I check-in. Call my mom for reassure her and I took a little rest, tired to carry my suitcase. I have half-sleep.

It was about 03h30pm when I went outside. The weather was beautiful, sun was here and it was hot. I started by took a walk the long of the Promenade Des Anglais before join the Place Massena.

I went on an of my very favorite place in Nice on the Promenade du Paillon to see my favorites water jets. Back in April, I did not saw them really because it was so much rainy. I bought something to eat in a supermarket because I was hungry. I did not have eaten since my breakfast in the morning. And after my little walk, I decided to come back at the hotel to eat my snack. This first going out was the opportunity to see how I feel alone and how I can face my social anxiety away from my home. And! It was a success! I felt really good!

Ok, on this successful review. I eat and took a quiet time at the hotel.

My plan for the night was to go outside around 06h00pm. Walk, stroll and watching the sunset. This night was the best time of my trip! I went outside and I walked until the end of the Promenade des Anglais to see my favorite #ILoveNice sculpture and I sat down on the edge and watching the sunset during 1 hour. It was just awesome! SO BEAUTIFUL!

After that my plan was to pick up my dinner at Mcdonald before it’s too dark and eat it in my hotel room. I did not want to stay outside when it’s too dark because I feel not safe. But, it was past 07h00pm, the night started to be here but by surprise I feel so good, a lot of peoples was outside and the ambiance was so good in the city so I decided to change my plan and despite of my anxiety to stay alone outside when it’s dark, I decided to expand my night outside and I walked back on the Place Massena until the Promenade du Paillon to see my favorite water jets lighting in blue, white, red.

I stayed outside until it was really dark. Maybe a little too much, when I took the way back for search my dinner at Mcdonald (placed just next to my hotel) it was anxious. Walking alone in the dark, it was a little really anxious but it was a 5 minutes walk before I’m at the Mcdonald. I grabbed up my dinner before go in my hotel room.

I ate my dinner (nuggets and french fries) with an episode of Psych.

I finish this first day with a good feeling and in bed, I watched a Halloween movie and coloring in my Halloween activity book. Around 11h30pm, I started to try to sleep. I slept with the more little light in the room (I was a little anxious to sleep in the dark) and until 7h30am. I sleep about 5 hours. It’s rather good compared to my first solo trip where I did not sleep more than 1 hour by night. I found that I had a better sleep in the first night, in the second, I woke up about 6 times in the night.


On wednesday morning, I was ready for this full day. The weather announced sunny in the morning and rainy/storm in the afternoon, it was. But I did not want that the weather stops me. It was about 08h30am when I went outside for take my breakfast at Starbucks. It was about 10 minutes of walk. It was a bright and sunny morning and this morning surprises me because I did not think that I was able to go outside so early. In April, I had to wait until 9h30 for go outside and feel me safe. Here, not!

I took a hot chocolate and a sugar donut. And I’m stayed at Starbucks during about 1 hour. It was a goal before going on the trip. I feel generally not good socially to stay like that in a coffee with the peoples who come and go. But I felt good! And! It was so good that in my head I did not want to leave but I have some others things to planned again in the morning. I watched an episode of Psych and played at rayman adventure on my iPhone and around 10h when the stores opened, I took a stroll in the mall. I did not go in stores because I did not want to buy something.

I took the way of the Castle Hill. It’s a favorite place in Nice also. The clouds were in the sky and that feels the rain but I go and after 20 mins of walk, I’m there. I walked around the Castle Hill and I’m just sat down and watching this view during one and half hour.

At 12h00pm, I went down from the Castle Hill, take the way back to the hotel by la Vieille Ville and stopped by a Macaroons shop. I picked up few for my mom! And on the way, I grabbed a sandwich from Subway for lunch. And I ate it and watching a Halloween movie in the room.

When I went out in the beginning of the afternoon, it was not rainy and finally 10 minutes after that I was outside, the rain has started to falling down and did not stop until I leave the city. I strolled on the beach.

I walked and strolled in the streets and stopped for find gifts for my family.

And under the rain, I went to buy me some cupcakes. I have chosen two, one chaï and the other m&ms. I walked a long time again under the rain before to be in my hotel room at 04h00pm.

In the room, I have eaten the chaï cupcake (I keep the second for my breakfast next morning) and I watched an episode of Psych (again I know, I’m obsessed with Psych these times). And I took a nap.

I went out around 06h00pm under the rain and I went sat down me on the beach. Yes! Under rain! It does not bother me! It was what I wanted to do.

I stayed a long time on the beach to watch the beach and the life on the Promenade des Anglais, it was so good and peaceful. This night again, I faced my fear to stay out late in dark. I was at 2 minutes of the hotel so it was reassuring and comfortable. It’s a big progress compared to my first solo trip where I couldn’t stay late in dark. Here, now I can. By staying next to the hotel. I could. It was 07h30pm when finally I decided to go.

I picked up my dinner (two little cheeseburgers and french fries) and watch a Law and Order SVU episode on the same time. Ok, I wanted to watch an SVU episode during my trip but seriously, that’s not calm anxiety. Watching rape story on a solo trip and outside it’s dark. Boo! Scary! I anxious myself but I think I wanted to watch unconsciously for fight my anxiety in dark.

I watched some tv shows, edit and clean my camera roll, post photos on instagram and finally go to sleep around 10h30pm. I did not easily sleep maybe because I knew that the next morning it was the departure and I just wanted to stay one or two nights more.

Wake up early and packing. I check out the hotel, took a bus full of peoples without anxiety until the airport. Before arriving at the airport, I had the airline company who text me that my flight could be delayed of 1 hour in cause of technical issue on the plane on an early flight. I pass the security control and at 10h00 am, I was in the boarding spaces. My flight initial departure was at 12h50pm. So, I stroll in the airport, drink my first Joe & Juice drink (chocolate shake) and I love it! I found a new perfume and grab few things for my family.

It’s with 1h30 of delay that I take off. And I’m thankful for this delay! Thanks to this delay, I saw an A380 landed from my window seat on the runway.

I’m back home with a little sad touch in my mind, sad that my trip was not more long. When I started to plan this trip back in May and just one month after my first solo trip. I felt that I had need to take the city of Nice again and the same time (two nights) before increase the time and discover really new things/city. I had need this for feel me more comfortable, learn new things and feel myself good on solo trips. And the results are good! I have all that now. I feel more confident. On this trip, I had NO, really NO social anxiety. It’s the first time since a long time.

It was a succesfull! I’m ready now for new solo adventures! I’m looking for new destinations next year!


If you live in Europe and you any good ideas for women solo trip destinations, let me know it in the comments section. I do not have find my next year destinations again, so if you have pieces of advice, let me know it.


If you are looking for a first solo trip or solo trip, I encourage you to read my post with solo trips, full with much tips here.




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