SOLO Trip IN NICE 2018

Thursday evening I went back of my FIRST SOLO TRIP.


I did my first solo trip in Nice on the French Riviera.

Why I chosen Nice for my first solo trip?

Nice is my favorite city of France, I love so much this city and I traveled 5 times before in this city so I know her, I thinking this was better chosen a know city for a first solo trip. That makes sense that I had to choose Nice for travelling the first time in solo.

I stayed in the Mercure Hotel on La Promenade Des Anglais in a superior room with sea front.


My trip departure was tuesday morning I slept two nights in Nice and I went back home on thursday evening with a delay of 5 hours of my flight.

I started to booked and planned this solo trip since february. In first time when I started to book my trip, I talked to no one because I wanted to have some solid plans before talking about… after in first I talked to my psychiatrist and after to my family, I knew that my psychiatrist could be entirely agree but for my family that’s could be other story for make them accept that I go on a first solo trip, my family tried until the last moment to make me change of opinion and not to go.


An assortment of things.



I took a billion of photos.

Nice is a best touristic city in the France, this city is know for to have all year a good weather, sun and hot temperatures but it was rain all time during the three days, my back home flight was delay of 5 hours in cause of storm.

I had some anxieties but not a lot and I’m proud of me,… seriously my big anxiety that I had it was not to do this solo trip but to have some turbulence during the flights, yes I have them!

I ate better and more during the trip that I ate usually at home, it’s crazy… I had some fears to eat less that at home before going on this trip but I ate again more.

I took before left home 0,50mg Xanax and 1mg when I check-out the hotel room for the airport, I principaly took Xanax in cause of my fears of have some turbulence during my flights. I LOVE SO MUCH TAKE AIRPLANES but I have fears some turbulence. My biggest anxiety during all trip was to have turbulence during my flights, not social anxiety, not food anxiety, not assault anxiety but turbulence anxiety. It’s really CRAZY!!!

The two nights before already the trip I did not really well sleep because I started to be anxious of this first solo trip but the two nights at hotel I did not really well sleep also, I went back home HAPPY of this trip but exhausted and tired to do not have well sleep.


This was my FIRST SOLO TRIP, I need one week of refresh and after I will search and plan other solo trips.

Near, I will to do a post about what I learned of this first and my best tips for to do a travel alone.


#Memory to the Nice Terror Atttack on July 14, 2016.


Tuesday morning I left home for going to the airport around 8h, before I left home I was anxious about this first solo trip but also I had some fears that there would be some turbulence during the flight in cause of a not really good weather, I love SO MUCH take airplanes and flights but I have fear some turbulence so I chosen to take 0,50mg Xanax before left home.

I said bye to my parents and I passed the security control and I went to the gate for waiting to boarding. At this moment I felt good with the Xanax that I took about 1 hour early but I had always some fears about turbulence.

I left and take off around 10h50 at the exactly hour, after just to have take off and started to go across the clouds the turbulence started already, I had many turbulence during the flight but nothing worst that I had already known. The day before I had plan to watching a Monk Tv Show episode (garbage strike episode) during the flight for try to not contrate me on the moving airplane if there is some turbulence and… that’s worked good, between the Xanax et Monk I managed to stay calm and concentrate on the episode during all flight. A flight from my home to Nice is about 1 hour.

At 12h00 pm I landed in Nice and it was rainy the check-in at the hotel it was only at 02h00 pm so I stayed a little in the airport.

I went drink a little smoothie and call my mom. I felt good to be alone here in Nice.

It was time after, I took the bus between airport and the hotel. I check-in for my hotel room… and before to do something I took in first some photos of my hotel room, I chosen to take some photos of my hotel room because it was my first solo trip and I wanted to have some photos of my room and the number room.

My number room it was 304.

The view of my room.

After I called my mom again once time to reassure her, I worked a little on my blog and check few other things on internet.

One hour after I arrived in my room, I decided to continue the adventure and to do my really first way out, I was not anxious, I was again a little under Xanax so.

I went walk on the Promenade Des Anglais in first, it was raining but it was not a problem for me.

I walked until Place Massena and going in a little shop for buy something to eat and drink.

After about 40 minutes of walk, I chosen to come back to the hotel because I was tired and for eat something, I passed by Jardin Albert 1er.

Exhausted when I went back in the hotel room I throw myself on this so comfort armchair. After I drunk and ate a little it was about 04h00 pm and I started to feel not very good and anxious to be in a big city at 1000 miles of my home alone so in first I chosen to watching Monk on tv like at home and my anxiety to go away, I did something similar like at home so that’s helped me to feel less alone or confused.

I look often the view of the windows.

I was really tired so after a little time I chosen to keep Monk on tv but lower the sound and try to do a nap, I did not fall asleep but I managed to rest.

During I tried to rest me the rain has finally stopped to fall down and at 06h30 pm I decided to go outside for search food for dinner I felt so good and the ambiance in the air was so good that I decided at the last minute to walk in the city a little from La Promenade Des Anglais to Jardin Albert 1er and passing by Place Massena I walked about 30 minutes, I was not anxious, a lot of peoples was out walking but I felt so good.

A McDonald was localized just at two steps from the hotel, I felt not good for eat in McDonald, I chosen to take away and I went eat in the hotel room.

I watched a NCIS episode in the same time that I ate my dinner in front of me and in my back I had the view of La Promenade Des Anglais. I felt good.

I finish this first day by looking the view of my hotel room and work on my blog and watching Tv just a good mix, I felt a little anxious but nothing of bad. Contrariwise I did not sleep well during the night, I slept between 11h30 pm to 2h00 am and after between 3h00 am to 8h00 am, between 2h am and 3h am I started to watching a movie “Hapiness Therapy”.

On the next and this second day I woke up at 8h00 am, I ate my breakfast including a glass of milk and a sugar donut.

I was fastly ready but I founded that it was a little too early for going outside so I watched a Law and Order episode.

Around 10h00 am I went outside, on this morning I planned to go take photos and walk in “The Castle Hill”, it was under the rain, I joined “The Castle Hill” by walking on La Promenade Des Anglais and passing by the Quai des Etats-Unis for see the big #ILoveNICE that I love so much.

I climbed in “The Castle Hill” and I walked around inside during about 1 hour and it’s here that I called my mom for the first of the day.

I spent a good time, it was rainy but also calm and with some views on Nice, it was a beautiful time I haven’t no one anxiety.

I’m back down and walked in “La Vielle Ville” and…

… stopped by a Macaroons shop for grab some Lemon Macaroons for my mom because she loves them so much.

Lunch I decided to take a Tuna SUB from Subway and eat in my hotel room.

I watched in the same time a episode of Law and Order and I followed by finish of watching the movie that I started to watching during the night “Happiness Therapy”.

In the beginning of the afternoon I went out.

Walking, Take Photos,… under the rain always but I felt good with no anxiety.

Water Jets from “La Promenade Du Pailllon”.

I wanted to go drink something at Starbucks that is localized in a mall but when I arrived in front of Starbucks it was under construction for renovations, ok, plan B, I told me that I will grab a hot chocolate at McDonald before to be back in my hotel room but now I walked a little in the mall.

I looked in few stores.

I left the mall and I went buy some cupcakes in a shop that I had spot on internet since few months.

I bought one oreo and the second mini m&ms during the transport from the shop to the hotel room there is one who is it spilled in the box, oops… it was like even good.

I ate the oreo cupcake and drunk a hot chocolate.

On the same time watching a PSYCH episode in the mid-afternoon.

I looked some views some my window when I saw a A380 take off from the airport, it was awesome, I loved!!!

Fastly in the end of afternoon I went out for take some papers that my mom wanted that I take for her.

At 06h30 pm I went walked and take photos on La Promenade Des Anglais.

After 30 minutes, I grabbed my dinner at McDonald and I ate in the hotel room.

I watched a episode of Law and Order during eating.

After enjoyed some view in the night of La Promenade Des Anglais and watching Tv, I went to bed at 10h30pm and I slept again less that the previously night. I slept probably not more like 3 hours during the night.

On thursday morning just before I’m getting out of bed around 8h00 am, a really violent storm has started with some violent winds and powerful rain. Here, I started to be anxious in cause of my flight few hours later and some turbulence. After 15 minutes, the storm was calm down, I ate my breakfast including the mini m&m’s cupcake and a glass of milk. I looked outside. I took 1mg Xanax in cause of my fears to have turbulence during flight.

I packing my suitcase, take the bus until airport, check the security control at airport,… the weather outside was not good but some planes take off and landed.

I waiting until 12h00 pm for gate info.

I should have take off at 12h35 pm but the plane was delay I take off at 17h14 pm in cause of storm, the airplane could not landing to Nice, it was diverted towards Italy and after it didn’t having enough of fuel and he had to stop in Italy literally… During these all five hours of waiting I had a so much best time socially, I talked a lot of peoples without anxiety or fears, I felt so good, it was a so much good experience this airplane delay.

The plane has finally by landed to Nice and we boarded around 04h30 pm and take off about 45 minutes later under a big rain, ok, in despite of the really bad weather there was less of turbulence that in the previous flight. After 1 hour of flight I landed and around 07h00 pm I was back to my home.

And I declared to have the best time during this SOLO TRIP but also the best time socially with the delay of five hours of my flight.




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