Social Anxiety: New Challenge

I haven’t talked a lot about my social anxiety over my blog and since a few weeks I decided to change this because it’s something who stops me big in my life. On Monday, I’m heading on my Disneyland Paris trip of October during three full days and in solo again! I’m excited to be back to Disneyland Paris. If you read my blog since awhile you see that Disneyland Paris is my therapy place. And back from my last trip in the beginning of September, I have chosen to do monthly trips to Disneyland Paris. It costs but the advantage is that with my annual pass holder I haven’t 200€ of entrance tickets but just the hotel and TGV to pay. I decided to invest in this until already the end of the year. After, I don’t know how I could go exactly, more than it will be ski season.

Disneyland Paris is currently my therapy place for many reasons and one that I have discovered during my last trip is that it’s a therapy tool until my social anxiety. I talked how and why in a special post here. At the end of the post, I shared that I was ready to launch me a new social challenge during my next trip. I searched what challenge, I could launch me, one enough big and in the same time a not enormous because these last days were really hard with my anxiety and I haven’t the courage to launch me on this trip with one high level challenge. But the fact that Disneyland is a kind of therapy trip. It was important that I find one enough high challenge like even.

Well! My social challenge could be… not left my social anxiety take the step on me when I want to take photos.

I love to take photos, I’m a photographer! It’s an of my favorite thing to do at Disneyland Paris but because of my social anxiety, I’m sometimes limited, on the way that to take some photos under some other angles to discover the parks and things differently, I need to take some positions different and sometimes strange. And at these moments, I’m stopped with my social anxiety because I have fear of what the peoples around could think to me on these positions. It’s given me sad sometimes because I was not able to take these photos that I could want to try or develop more my creativity in my photos cause of this social anxiety. I decided to work on this very special anxiety.

I think it’s a piece of my global social anxiety and that if I managed to work on this and improves my capacity to take some photos even in strange positions with peoples around me, it could really help me in my social anxiety. If I want to take a photo I must do it and not let me social anxiety take the step. That’s my next week social challenge during my Disneyland Paris trip.

Right! It’s something who is important to me, right now like Disneyland Paris is my therapy place. I have done the choice completely disconnect me of social interactions who are not related to my Disneyland trip. I will take a break from blogging during all next week. I don’t know again exactly if I could be present on Instagram and with my story or I could sharing when I’m back at home, I don’t know. I have really the desire to disconnect once there with everything to take in maximizing the benefits of this therapy time. But, sometimes I want to share in my story and it’s Disneyland related, I don’t know! I decided that I could choose once there and to do what I want once there! I think it sounds good like this! Do you suffer of social anxiety? What are your favorite tips to deal with? Thanks for reading!


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