Snuggles With Cozy Blankets

I love some cozy blankets! I LOVE my Saranoni blankets! I have two of them, the Hivory Home Throw and the Feather Umber Lush Extra Large. If I will be not a minimalist person, I could to have much more but two is enough and I stop buying when I haven’t really need more! I bought them about one year ago. And I’m surprised how they look and are always so much soft and comfy as the first day. It’s the first blankets that I bought who are stayed soft like the first day one year later. I use them every day and almost all day like I work often from my bed. I take also at least one with me when I travel. I upgrade my suitcase size just for could take my blanket. Right! I’m a minimalist packer on the rest so I permit me to take with me my blanket. It brings me some comfort during traveling and traveling with anxiety and mental illness is not always easy. If you follow me on Instagram, you could see many times these blankets appear on my feed! I love these cozy blankets! I dream that the brand design sweat and jogging like that I can to have this softness when I go outside also! Absolutely love them! Love!

I wash them about once time by month, at cold temperature and I hang them to dry (not in the dryer) and after each washing, it’s always soft. It’s the first time that I live that with some blankets! I LOVE these Saranoni blankets!

Do you love cozy blankets? I highly recommend you to buy a Saranoni blanket, (in more currently they have really good deals with their Black Friday) they are multiple sizes and colors, it’s amazing!


It’s not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my love for these blankets with the best season to snuggles with cozy blankets who is here now!


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