Snow Trip: Days 3 & 4

Today, it’s the second (and last) part of recap of my days 3 & 4 of my snow trip of last week, if you missed days 1 & 2 it’s here.

The day 3 (thursday), it was on we decided to shortcut this trip in cause of weather and day 4 (sunday) it was a important and best because I tried for the first to do ski and now I want again to do a lot of time skiing.

We woke up early and outside there was a high wind always, we talking with my parents and decide if the wind does not calm down before 12h00pm, we will take the way of back home.

Meanwhile, around 10h00am, my parents wanted to go to a mall for to do shopping, I followed…

… and bought these chocolate beignet.

And on the way of back to the hotel, I stopped by for a hot chocolate.

We waited in the hotel room, the wind does not calm down, we decided to go at restaurant for eat lunch and after take the road for back home.

I choose to drunk a grenadine syrup and ate a big potatoes with sour cream and for dessert a chocolate mousse.

After lunch, we packed and take the way of back home.

At 08h00pm, we arrived at home.


Now, day 4. After few days to watching the weather, we choose sunday for climb a mountain near of my home for I try skiing.

I was excited and nervous on morning.

In my favorite the north face vest, we took the road of mountain with my parents and sister at 01h00pm on sunday.

One hour after, we arrived to the ski station… I was excited… after rent the ski, I launched myself.

My first time in the ski and alone I’m ready to take my independence now in trying to skiing. I choose to try to do alone and not in class or with private lesson, it was a little crazy… I chosen to launched with things that I could hear everywhere (pizza, ice cream cone, etc). I took a green piste of course!

Seriously, I fall down twice times in the first run and after I did again three runs and I did not fall down anymore. It was not easy… but I LOVED and I want again skiing.

Just in few photos and two words of this first skiing experience… I LOVED!!!

I skied during 1 hour after return the ski at the rent we took the way of back with for me a wonderful experience… but before I stopped for take photos and videos with my DJI spark in the mountain.

Drinking a hot chocolate in the car, I love that.

Days 3 & 4 are wrapped, it was the last part of my snow trip of last week contrariwise tomorrow I will to do a special about what I felt to skiing with my mental health and anxiety, I’m excited because I felt a lot of important things.

Days 1 & 2.




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