Snow Trip: Days 1 & 2

Hi! I’m happy to be back on the blog, last week I missed it… if last week I took a break with the blog it was because I went on a snow trip.

Today, I will start to recap the first part of the trip with days one and two and I will posted the second part with days three and four on wednesday, tomorrow I have a special post other that this trip of planned.

This was a snow trip… a one minute… wait… meant to be, I went with my parents and we shortcut this trip, we left home on tuesday afternoon and we should have return on friday but we returned to home on thursday and this snow trip it was not really what we wanted, because the weather… too much crazy wind, the snow had to comes but she was struggling to comes, it was rainy and snow,… and so much wind. Ok, we have shortcut our trip.

I wanted this snow trip for my first time ever try to do ski. I live about 1 hour of mountain but we went to another mountain on 3 hours of drive… I couldn’t to do ski on this trip cause of weather, so, we comes at home and decided to go in the mountain near of my home where the weather was better for I try to do ski, ok, we went back home on thursday and I tried to do ski on sunday.

First time: I love skiing. #iwantmoremoremore


Let’s recap of days 1 & 2.

We left home in the beginning of tuesday afternoon and drive about 3 hours, we check in (under rainy) the hotel at 04h00pm.

After a quiet time in the room, talking with my parents of what we want to do and watch the weather.

We went eat in a restaurant at 06h30pm… I loved so much the ambiance of this restaurant.

I ate fish and fries and I drunk a grenadine syrup and I ate a chocolate mousse in dessert.

After shower and others in the night, I put my pj’s and I watching a modern family episode…

… and read a little of my new winter book.

Around 10h30pm and with a rainy outside and with hope that that’s turn in snow I went to bed.

Wednesday, we woke up at 07h30am and outside it was always not snow.

After a time in the room at 10h00am we went outside to see shops and during I choose some chocolat beignets and surprise, surprise…

Just when we went in shops, it’s started to snowing, bingo! but with a crazy wind and with that if it’s continuing with this wind we couldn’t to do what we wanted.

But first: I told me I see at least deja some snow.

After a quickly come back at the hotel after shopping and snowing who continue, we went at the restaurant for lunch. Below that was how much snow was fall down before lunch.

The restaurant it was a of my favorite also with the ambiance, just a photo because I loved to sit on a wooden bench for lunch.

I drunk a oasis and I ate a big potatoes with salmon. It was easy with no particularly anxiety, I loved.

During lunch I looked up outside the snow falling down.

1 hour after we went in restaurant, we went outside and the snow was here and always falling down but also always with a wind.

It’s just snowing.

And at this point, walking in the snow it was the perfect thing… with my classic ugg my favorite.

Fur and Snow.

At 01h00pm we are back to the hotel and same if it’s always snowing, we talking that if the wind do not stop I couldn’t to do ski.

We wait and finally try to climb the mountain but the weather was very bad and the ski location was closed. Second point, I tried to flight my dji spark for take photo/videos of roads and snow but I crashed it in a tree just after take off and I broken a propeller.

Because we couldn’t to do ski in cause of wind so take plan B and we went during 1 hour in bowling.

It was just a awesome time.

At 05h00pm we are back to the hotel and we occupy ourselves like possible with the crazy wind, I read me.

At 06h45pm we left hotel for eat dinner.

A of my favorite restaurant’s ambiance again… I love tex-mex foods in this restaurant.

and the decorations.

I choosen to drunk a grenadine syrup and I ate Chili Corn Carne… I love this food.

We went back to the hotel, outside it’s snowing and a crazy snow and talked that if the weather continue like that the next day we could shortcut the trip because we couldn’t just to do what we wanted on this trip in cause of weather. In night I watched 1 episode of psych and 2 episodes of modern family before I went to sleep.

With that the days 1 & 2 are wrapped, on thursday I will posted days 3 & 4.

Not a perfect planned trip but with the day 2 it was happy to see snow.


See you tomorrow for my new monthly post, tuesday opening.




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