Snow Days

That was absolutely crazy wonderful! Over the last days it has snowed until the lowland where I’m living. And so much!!!

To have snow is very rare until the lowland, despite that I’m living at the bottom of mountains. Because even in the mountains, the seasons can be hard in lack of snow like the one of last year where the ski resort near my house has dealt all the season with lack of snow. It’s snowed about 30 cm around my house. It’s the first time in more than 15 years that it’s snowed so much.

Over the past weeks, a few snowflakes appeared some days and finally Thursday when I wake up in the morning, a light white blanket has appeared on the ground. It’s snowed constantly all the day of Thursday, and all the night, and on Friday morning, after it has stopped. From Thursday morning to night, we are passed of a light white blanket to the biggest in more than 15 years here. On Thursday afternoon, I have done one crazy thing. Because the ski lifts are always closed because of Covid in France and because I got enough snow in the garden. I launched me. I skied in my garden. Of course, my garden is not appropriated for skiing. I used the slope of the garage. This is one little slope, I was able only to do one turn by turn. But it was amazing, in the current situation and with my ski trip canceled again and again. It was amazing to wear my ski clothes, it was amazing to wear my ski, it was amazing to walk with my ski on the snow, it was amazing to feel the slide feeling for the first time in ten months. All that under a beautiful snowfall with snow around my house, who was a long time dream to see so much snow around my house and it was Covid safe. I have done this little ski at home during one and a half hours the Thursday afternoon, and again on Friday morning. On Friday afternoon, the sun comes out. And for the first time in forever, I have done a walk around my neighborhood with snow on the sides of the road and on houses, gardens, landscapes covered by snow. Usually, I’m not able to take walk around my neighborhood for double reasons, my social anxiety and my C-PTSD. But I done it! Wahoo! And I felt pretty good after.

It was so good to have this exceptional weather snow conditions. Of course, I’m always in a mental breakdown since the beginning of December, it’s start to be harder and harder. It’s not helped me for my C-PTSD but in the exact same time the French gouvernment has announced strictest rules for the Covid with an extended curfew from 06h00pm on all the France. Of course, at the TV news it was all about that. But when the half of the France has started to be in alert snow, the news switched on this a bit and it was so good. It’s snowed a bit even on Paris and it was concentrated mid-Snow, mid-Covid the news and it was a bit of peaceful moments. And I’m not a news watcher. After to have been again one of the county the most touched in Covid cases lately, we have been also the county with the most of snow during this exceptional Winter weather over the last days. It was good! It was good to hear some peoples happy! It was good to be in my garden skiing and hear my neighborhood children having fun in the snow because school was canceled because of the snow. I can’t be really happy right now because of my mental health but how it is good to hear some peoples in France be happy. Since Friday morning, it’s not snowed anymore, snow started to melting but in the same it’s stays so much layers of snow on the gardens, and my house has always a lot of snow around.

This exceptional snow weather has double effect on my mental health. One it was so good because to have the house surrounded by so much snow was a dream, a long time dream. But seeing so much snow in the ski resort near my house with ski lifts closed awhile last year, the lack of snow was hard and real all the ski season. It’s such hard! Right! I can’t be totally happy of this situation. I’m trying to concentrate me on the positive of my long time dream but on the other side it’s such hard, particularly with the hard last year season because of the lack of snow.

If not, I drunk a lot of hot cocoa during these snow days also, ate Nutella crepes, napping, build my new LEGO Mickey Mouse Art set, listened a lot of relax music, looked the snow from behind the windows, took photos, wrapping myself in my cozy blankets. Right! Let’s sharing a few photos of these snow days!

That wraps this very snowy post. Have you snow where you live? Do you love snow? Thanks for stopping by!

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