I’m Sleeping and Vitamins

Since that I’m back from my summer vacation 2018, I understood some things about my daily anxiety. I’m actually right in and since now few weeks I trying to fight these new ideas, things and anxieties. It’s specially a hard work and  I have a thing who never happened to me before at this scale… I’m extremely tired and I can sleep all time. Generally, it’s when I’m in a big depression low that I want to sleep all time but I’m not there, ok, I’m a little depressed these times but at this scale usually I do not sleep.


I’m sleeping all time currently, in the mornings it’s hard to wake up myself, just after breakfast I come back in my bed and I can fall asleep, it’s like that all days long, I go a little time to do something and tired I finally back in my bed and I fall asleep again. It’s really hard physically to go outside same if psychologically I want.


During this past week, I saw myself really tired and I took a big decision, it’s a thing that I never decided by myself or if someone (like my psychiatrist) advise me to try, I did not want… but this past week, I decided for the first time really and follow seriously the treatment.


I decided to take vitamins.


Yes! Tired or not before I did not want to take them but in the mind spirit that I was in the past week, I don’t know why, but I decided to try to take vitamins. I decided to fix myself to try to take them during at least one week and see if that’s helps me and to do a review at the end of this week and take the decision at this moment if I continue or not to take vitamins.


I started on Friday… and I’m in waiting for see the results.



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