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Sleeping is not my best thing. I do nightmares since a lot of years, I fall asleep late or I wake up late in the morning with headache. There is few months ago, skeptical I launched myself and started to try a sleeping app on my iPhone. Skeptical, because I asked myself how an iPhone can to record the sleep. But I wanted to try to understand a little more my sleeping, and my sleeping phases. So I launched me. I went on the app store and started to searched what app exist. When I’m searching for an app who exist in multiple, I choose always this one with the best design that I love. Here, for a sleep app, I have chosen “Sleep Cycle”. I love this app and her design, recently I can even use my Apple Watch for few options with the app. It exists a pro version of the app but I use only the free version because it’s enough for what I wanted of a sleep app.

I will introduce a little my favorite sleep app who helps me to understand better my sleep.


WAKE UP HOURS. The app asks you at what hours you want to wake up and she has a genius thing. She proposes you a wake up phase. If you activate it, sleep cycle wake you at the best time in function of your sleeping phase before the alarm is set. It recommended to choose 30 minutes, it’s the time that I use but sleep cycle proposes you other time between 5 to 90 minutes. This is a so genius thing, I love this function. I set my alarm for 8h30 am and like you can see it on the left pictures, my alarm is ready for wake up me between 8h00 am and 08h30 am. That’s wake up you more comfortable and slowly, the app use when you are a sleep phase and not deep phase for wake up you, you wake up less tired.

GRAPHIC SLEEP PHASES. This my favorite thing and I understood better my sleep phases during my sleeping. Awake, sleep, deep sleep, these are all phases during your night. Thanks to this graphic I understood also that more I sleep of hours in a deep phase than my normal, it means that I did more of nightmares during the night. And more I did of nightmares during the night, more I’m tired or I wake up me with a headache.

SLEEP QUALITY. Sleep cycle told you how your sleep quality was in percentage. When I’m at 85% it’s that I spent a lot of time in a deep sleep, if I’m at 50% it’s that clearly I did not sleep more than 4 hours. In general, I’m around 70%.

TIME IN BED. From the time that you set your alarm until that she snooze and your stop it.

SNORE. If you snore, the app spy you, lol. It’s not my case, I never snore but when you do, the microphone of the iPhone record and the time that you snore, it’s a good option for if you want to know if you have snore problems.


These two follow options are available when you have an Apple Watch.

HEART RATE. When you wear your Apple Watch the night, like the Apple Watch takes regularly your heart rate, it’s transmitted to sleep cycle and show you directly in the app how much bpm was your heart rate during the night. A thing, I recharge my Apple Watch the night, every two nights, I do not need every night. So, I have the heart rate recorded only every two nights, the night where I do not charge it.

ACTIVITY. I think sleep cycle use your activity of the day, recorded in the day with the Apple Watch and use it in your sleep quality (like everyone knows it, activity in the day helps you to sleep better the night). But seriously, I do not watch almost never this section. I’m at about 5000 steps when I’m at home and about 9000 steps when I go outside in the day.


Since a recent update of the sleep cycle app, you can now set your alarm directly on the Apple Watch. Good if you have your iPhone already in charge and that you are already lay down in bed.

Of course for use an app like that during all night same if that does not take all the battery it’s recommended to left your iPhone in charge all the night side to you. No problem for me because I charge it every night. The iPhone must be placed on your night table or under your pillow. In the free version, you have a few musics for wake up with the alarm.


If in the beginning, it was skeptical for test a sleep app with the iPhone, the sleep apps are like even something of good and easy to access for better understand your sleep, track and change your habits for to have a better sleep. I’m happy to have finally tested sleep cycle, that’s work good! Do you use a sleep app? What do you think about? I could be happy to hear about your experiences!




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