A Skip Day {Edition August 2017}

Hi! On last Thursday, I took special planes.


Planes who can help me to have more autonomy, in June I had already done A Skip Day and on 31th August I started again… At one BIG exception, I had no took anxiolytics, OK!… this was not easy without… but I’m managed until the end.

The goal of a day like that it is to teach me for have more autonomy and less of fears when I’m alone in  public, I could to have more autonomy in walking alone in a shop from home but it is not a big help and with just that I do not manage to take the step up my anxiety on the long term, I need more bigger thing, a Skip Day including take a flight of about 50 minutes and found me alone in a Airport at 1000km of the home and a so much bigger help.


In this Skip Day:


Anxiety was here in some times.

OCD was a big here, with no anxiolytics… they had really here, a lots, my numbers OCD was particularly here when I wanted to take a photo, I had to take 3 photos in the roll of the same position and it’s a little hard when a airplane moves constantly.

At the airport departure first flight, I saw a airplane FedExpress with a USA flag on the back… I was so excited inside me to see that, I loved!

I was in the airplane when my Apple Watch asks me to Stand up and run… run in a plane, WHAT? she was in airplane mode but she asks me, this was a little weird, I laughed when I saw that.

I saw for the first time a A380, OMG! How he is very big this airplane.


I waited some hours with a lots of calls in the loud speakers… A thing which I love it so much.


The first flight was to 10h50AM and the second flight was to 05h45PM… in contrary at the last time, there is no delays.


Around 08h30, when I left the home for airport, it was my dad who drives me, at this time and in the car I did not have really anxiety on the day who comes.

09h00 in airport I left my dad for take MY AUTONOMY.

I arrived on the boarding gate after security control at 09h20.

I waited 40 minutes sit on the airport carpet floor, I passed this time to do nothing, just appreciate this time, a bonus with no anxiety… a time that I love so much.

Boarding has started and the way of this Skip Day started more… seriously.


Let’s go for AUTONOMY.

I loved to see the control tower in waiting.

Take-off was to 11h04, this was a little crazy cause my seat was to 4 lines from the back I believe in take off that I going to do a roll back, I was never placed as far which that in a plane.

The next step pass some big clouds with turbulences.

Before clouds and turbulences.

Above the first clouds layer and with less of turbulences.

Up in the sky and above a other clouds layer.

For landing it was necessary to pass big cloud layers again and turbulences, OUCH!!!

After a big 90° turn of the airplane for align for landing, I started to saw the sea.

Welcome NICE! I’m here alone.

I left this plane it’s 12h10PM.

I took quietly the exit and after three steps in front of airport, I returned in airport and walk a little, why? because I had clearly the time.

I search if I could founded somethings that I wanted in the hall but no, I founded a seat and I waited and looked around me a little before I decided around 12h45PM to take the way of control security for pass the other side for founded something to eat.

My favorite sign.

Security control.

It’s 01h00PM when I passed the security control and I did the shops, during I founded some cool sections including this one, I love it the organization and colors.

OK, serious things, lunch, I founded a egg tuna sandwich and my favorite actual oasis red fruits drink, I not managed to all eat and drink, I just approximately ate the half of sandwich paquet and I drunk 3/4 of the bottle during all time I’m rested in airport the afternoon.

After I ate, I took the time of explore a little more in walking the airport.

Later, I’m back sit and I watched one entire episode of Hawai 5-0 season 7.

FOLLOW THAT: my time was inclue of listen, walk, take photos, look around me, anxiety and OCD.


I choose to try to eat this Chocolat Fondant, I ate just a little I finish the rest at home for dinner.

If when I’m landing at 12h00PM the airport was full between 03h00 and 04h00 it suddenly emptied.

I was sit, watching my phone, when I looked up and I saw this big plane A380 in ahead. OH!!! I’m directly stand up and run for take a photo, no better photo because he is far and it was fastly. I saw you M. A380.

Airport waiting.

I took just a photo during waiting for boarding.

Boarding has started around 05h00PM and it’s time to take the way of back home.

After to have waited 15 minutes on the gateway and during this time a men told me where the presidential plane was parked when he comes on 14th July.

Take off from Nice at 06h00PM… a view then clouds and turbulences.

more turbulences to the back that at the go and I believe which tired me I’ve had enough and a little exhausted at this time.

This is like a incredible place.

I landed at 06h55PM, my mom and dad are picked up me at the airport and we took the way of home.


This was A Skip Day, stressful sometimes, with OCD sometimes with a little disappointment because I do not have the impression that my parents do not understandof the difficult what it is to do that… but I did not it for them but for ME.


A step in more.



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