Ski Trip In La Clusaz Video

I shared the recap with photos of my ski trip in La Clusaz during the month of January and after to have worked a few weeks on the video, she is finished!

Shooting a ski trip video is harder than a Disneyland or city video for multiple reasons. Already, I don’t want to take with me on the slopes my DLSR because it’s cold and the snow. Right! I shooted principally with my iPhone 11 and my GoPro Hero Session. I haven’t a multitude and of creative possibilities than on the DSLR who has different settings. I love to take videos on a ski trip but I try to spend the more time possible to progress on my ski skills and doing together, it’s not easy! I love like even take back a video from a ski trip. And thinking about that I haven’t all the materials during a ski trip. I love the video of this trip in La Clusaz.

Thanks for watching!


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