Ski Trip in La Clusaz 2020

Last week, I was one week on a ski trip! This is my third year that I’m going on a ski trip and my second year that I’m going on a ski trip during January. I dream to go on a ski trip during my birthday, Christmas and New Year Eve season but on another side I particularly love mid-January to going on a ski trip. It’s so much less crowded! Except in the weekend where there is a little more of peoples on the slopes, on weekdays, the slopes are almost empty and it’s really nice and calm. I love this time! Usually, I do recap of one week trip in many parts but on this trip, I will only to do it in one part because I have done the most of my time only skiing and sleep and if I took everyday photos, I was always in the mountains and they are relatively all the same. I find unnecessary to do many recaps with in each the same photos. On this trip, I have done the choice do not take with my DSLR, I do not wanted to take it with me on the slopes and recently I switched to an iPhone 11 and I wanted to explore more the new stuffs that the camera propose. I don’t like to take my DSLR on a ski trip so I thought it was the perfect time to explore the camera of my new phone. I got also a DJI Osmo 3 for my birthday and I wanted to use it.

Last year, we were in the ski resort Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps and I really loved it! I wanted to go there again this year but for healthy issues we weren’t able. But I intend to return so fast that I can! Even if I love to discover new places, I loved Alpe d’Huez and I want to go back many times there. On another side, I wanted to go back in a ski resort that I knew already the slopes because going in a new ski resort, you take a few days to explore and know the new slopes. Right! I wanted to master my ski practice on some slopes that I knew. Out of Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps, La Clusaz also in the French Alps was the only other ski resort that I know the slopes (I was already again in some other ski resorts but when I didn’t ski so I didn’t know the slopes). Right! My parents agreed so we have chosen to go back in La Clusaz. When I was there at La Clusaz two years ago, I just started the ski the same season and I found La Clusaz like a ski resort more for intermediate, expert skiers, this time with two seasons of ski behind me and my parallel turns, I tested back and I could explore more new slopes that I was not able to do last time that I was there. My favorite stay Alpe d’Huez but I loved to explore more the ski resort of La Clusaz and not only the green slopes at the bottom.

I skied the most time and more possible during my trip. It was one week trip and I skied six days (every day), four days, I skied morning from 09h30am to 12h00pm and after to be back at the cottage to eat lunch (including pasta, potatoes, cheese, and soup all week), I was back on the slopes around 01h30pm until 04h00pm. On two days, I skied only the mornings and the afternoon, I have done a few other stuffs with my parents. I think I found the perfect balance that I wanted on one week ski trip. Most of the time skiing and took a break two half-day (not on the same day), to do some other things in the ski resort. I loved this balance!

I had beautiful and sunny weather all week with the beautiful surprise on the last day of skiing of the week, you could read it later in the recap. If I love skiing in the morning with the cold and fresh air, the snow on the slopes was packed and sometimes icy because they used artificial snow because it missed snow on some slopes. It was a bit hard but nothing of best that get up early and going out to skiing where at this time, I’m usually in my bed.

We took the road on Saturday 11st in the morning and arrived in La Clusaz in the evening when it was already night outside. We check-in the cottage and after dinner, I went fastly to sleep to be fit but unfortunately, I haven’t slept well of all week. Weird! Because of all week and skiing every day I was not tired at all and I haven’t had muscles aches like previous years. On Sunday, I wake up slowly for this first day, took my breakfast (Nutella pancakes) and get dressed before to be out on the slopes. On this first day of skiing of the season, I decided to go slowly physically, I first took the green slope at the bottom for my first slide of the season and I fastly climbed up in the mountains. One of my favorite slope is the Champions Slope Family Run with rails, tunnel, bumps to have fun. On the afternoon, I felt anxious but ready to do it, I wrapped this first day by trying a new slope that I have never done before AND a blue slope to get down in the mountains. Back at the cottage, the best après-ski is hot cocoa and I spent the rest of the evening to rest.

On day two of skiing, I decided to go in a part of the ski resort that I have never was before. On the Massif de Beauregard. I really loved explored these new slopes, they are for beginners and intermediate and it was really cool, I could practice my complete parallel turns and skidding a lot there and at my rhythm. I loved! On the afternoon, I was back on The Champion Slope to have fun and always with some sunny weather. Back at the cottage to drink a hot cocoa and physically rest.

On day three, I skied only in the morning and the afternoon I went to do a SPA afternoon with my parents in the SPA of the cottage area. A few hours of SPA is really a must on a ski trip, I think it’s thanks at this that I had almost no muscles aches of the rest of the trip. And to be in a hot tub with a view on the mountains is really nice.

On day four, I skied between green and blue slopes all morning. The afternoon, I took a break and I went with my parents on a walk in the town and I have done some ice skating time. And we stopped to eat a Nutella crepe and drink hot cocoa in a restaurant.

On day five, I skied morning and afternoon. I skied so much and I worked a lot on my speed. Take speed is something who really anxious by fear do not be able to stop me at the last moment if necessary, I know stopping my ski in skidding turns however but take speed is also necessary on deeper slopes to do parallel turns and I deal a lot with this and it’s anxious me a lot so I worked on taking speed with more confidence this day, first on greens slopes and at the end of the day, I was able to take speed more on blue slopes and I beat my speed record with 25km/h. To rewind me after this, I went to eat a Nutella crepe and drink a hot cocoa in a cafe again.

On day six, it was one of my favorite day. It was not snowing in the French Alps since about two weeks. The weather planned snow for this day. I dreamed about it but it was not sure, there had not a lot of snow these last weeks. When I was out on the slopes in the morning, it was not snowing but for the first day of the week, the sun was not out and some black clouds started to come. After skiing all morning, I went to eat lunch. I was back on the slopes at 01h30pm for this last day of ski of the week. I took the chairlift, there was a lot of foggy and passing one altitude (even before that I took my ski down of the chairlift, see the difference between the photo of the morning and of the afternoon below) it’s started to snowing. I was so excited! I skied all afternoon under a heavy snow and foggy. The view was hard for skiing with the fog and after two and a half hours, I was completely soaked. However, I have good waterproof ROXY ski clothes but I was all afternoon on a heavy and non-stop snowing. But totally worth it! I was too happy! I even realized one of my biggest dream in life, skiing on a slope between trees covered by snow and that it’s snowing in the same time. I dreamed of it but seriously with the miss of snow, I could have not really thought that I could do it on this trip. I absolutely loved this afternoon under the snowing! Après-ski, I stopped to eat a Nutella crepe and hot cocoa in a restaurant. Amazing after this afternoon under the snowing! And I go back to the cottage to put dry clothes and rest because I was out of breath of this afternoon.

Always snowing in the town also. On the evening, we went to eat dinner outside in a restaurant, I took a tartiflette and when we were outside at 09h00pm, it was always snowing, it was amazing! Back at the cottage, to looking the snow falling down from the window in the night, we started to pack luggages also because the next morning we took the road to be back home on the evening.

Before taking the road, I wake up under an awesome scenery in the town and mountains. It stopped to snowing in the night, the sun was back but all the trees were covered by snow. It was amazing to wrap this ski trip!

It was crazy amazing! We were back at home during the evening.

After six days, 72 runs, 92 km of slopes with the longest of 6,7 km (I use the app Slopes to record my activity on my Apple Watch), ski lifts, chair lifts and gondola, I enjoyed my time on the slopes. I feel a bit more confident on the slopes particularly when I must take more speed. I have work again and I’m excited to practice again to progress more. I love skiing! If you missed it last year, I have done a post about how skiing improves my mental health. That wraps this trip at La Clusaz. A video is currently in the editing part again. Thanks for reading!


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