Ski Trip, Alpe d’Huez Video

On each trip that I go, I have a new life habit. I took already a lot of photos but now I took enough of videos also to create a big video about the trip. It was an evidence that I do it for my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez in January! The photos, it’s good but I love to do videos for remembering and see again and again the ambitions of the places and the actions. To do a video about the ski is again different and better! Because when I shoot videos during I’m skiing, I can see by after how I really skied and I can follow my progress! When I watching the videos I can see on what I have to work.

I shooted with my GoPro and iPhone on this trip. I’m excited to watching my video again and again. I love it! And love remembering my trip in video! Love it!



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