Ski Season Recap

It’s official the ski season 2019/2020 is wrapped! I’m sad! 10 days, 100 runs, 150 km, 28 hours, an average speed of 11km/h and a record of 26 km/h. This season is wrapped early for different reasons. But! It was an incredible amazing season on my ski practice! It was my third ski seasons and I improved on different sides my ski skills. It was hard sometimes but it was amazing!

I told previous that this season has been wrapped early for different reasons! The first one is the lack of snow! On the ski resort near my house, this season has been really specify hard, the lack of snow was total all long Winter season. If the first snowflakes has appeared already in November 2019 and we had some beautiful snow days during the season, the constant high temperatures and rain have done that the snow melted really fast. A day it was -10° degress Celcius, the next day it was 10 degress Celcius, all this all long Winter. A few snow inches appeared in the mountains, they was able to open a few days and three days later all snow has melted down, the mountains were green and the ski resort closed until the follow week where it was snowing and there is enough snow to open but three days later all snow has again melted down. It was like that all the season! It was pretty hard to see that! On a three months season, they have probably open about 25 days, not in the row.

It was pretty hard to skiing in these circumstances, but the peoples in the ski resort have worked so hard and were reactive after each snow fall to open the slopes when it was possible despite of the hard lack of snow. I want so much thanks them because they have done an amazing work. But in the beginning of March just right after I’m back from my solo trip to Disneyland Paris they officially decided to stop fighting against the not Winter weather. They have officially closed the ski resort on March 12st, it was hard because it’s the same day that The Walt Disney Compagny has officially decided to close Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort to fight against the Coronavirus. It was hard psychologically! My only two favorites and helpful things closed in the same time! Right!

I was hopeful to going on a trip in the beginning of April in the French Alps where snow was again here. But a few days later, on the order of the gourvenment to fight against the Coronavirus all the ski resorts in France have closed. And definitively wrapped their season 2019/2020 even if some ski resorts could have not closed before the end of April. That’s sad! Where snow there is, the ski resorts are forced to close early!

The deal with the lack of snow was hard but it’s maybe what helped me to really improve my ski skills this season. Yes! Because, I skied a lot on some icy and artificial snow and on some runs where I must to do some slaloms to not finish on the grass because of the lack of snow.

I skied ten days this season and I’m happy! I have done my first six days on my ski trip at La Clusaz in January and the rest I have skied in the ski resort near of my house. One week in February, I was able to going to Disneyland Paris and skiing on the same week. It was pretty cool! My last day of ski was on February 27th that in fact I shared here on my blog. I could to have loved skiing once or twice after my Disneyland Paris trip in March but between the lack of snow and the orders of the gourvnement to close all things to fight the Coronavirus. It’s not happened! I’m sad! But! I’m grateful for this epic ski season!

I skied on some icy/artifical/powder and fresh snow runs, under the sun, windy, foggy and some beautiful snow falls. I’m officially able to do some complete parallel turns and working on my legs balance. I took more blue than green runs this season, I have taken even my first red slopes. I always love skiing between trees and my favorite snow to skiing is always the powder. I can to do skidding turns, I’m able to enchained many turns in the row without stopping me after each one, I feel less anxious to take a bit of speed. Another important thing that I noticed on my two last ski sessions is that when I’m back on the ski after a few days without to have been on the slopes, I can easily doing my first slope of the day without to have a time to readapt me to wear and slid on some ski at the beginning of each session. It was something that I got before and this time to readapt at the beginning of each session was a bit hard and was making me losing time. I needed 15 minutes and about two runs to adapt me but now I can put my ski and go on my first run of the day with more confidence (I think that’s the right word). Right! I have my second star!

It was an epic! And wrapped early! But! Awesome ski season! My favorite of the season has clearly was explore new terrains, I’m totally convinced that it’s that who helped me to progress this season. My absolute favorite day of the season has been the last ski day on my trip to La Clusaz with the crazy and an amazing snow fall all afternoon. I plead guilty! It was a WONDERFUL WHITE DREAM this day!




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