SKI: Season 2018 Recap and Next Season GOALS

The season 2018 and my FIRST season ever of ski is now closed.


I found it’s time to do a recap of this first season and thinking to next season goals.


When I put some ski the first time in my life on January 21, 2018 I didn’t thinking that I would loved so much skiing and that I would like again to do ski, again, again. I love so much. I leaned alone skiing, I watched a lot of videos on internet and I listened a lot around me on the slopes, how to do that or that,…


I wanted try to skiing this year after that I loved for my birthday to do ice skating. I’m managed to try, I LOVED and next season I want to do it again and probable every year in my life, I do not love really to do sport but skiing I love so much.


I have two sides about skiing: my ski practice and my anxiety that can stop me in my learning ski practice.


Season 2018 RECAP:




I learned to put my ski shoes and ski.

I learned to move around and walk with my ski.

I learned to rise me if I fall down.

I did my firsts slides.

I learned to use the ski lifts.

I learned to take the gondolas and short chair lifts.

I learned to slide on a green slopes.

I learned to do turns in pizza.

I learned to do turns by starting with my ski in pizza and finish the turns with my ski parallel.

I learned to take courses and slide on small bumps.




My anxiety can stop me when I take too much of speed. When I started in january this anxiety was really high, after ski practice, again and again this anxiety is go down, I have it again but she is less intense that in the beginning of my ski practice.

Rise mountains in altitude. I did not managed to understand this anxiety again but when I rise so much up I have anxiety.


It was a incredible first season of ski, I learned a lot of things and I LOVED LEARN, I can’t wait and I’m so excited to learn/work again more on next season.


Next season GOALS:


• To do turns completely parallel.

• Take speed with no or almost no anxiety.

• Continue courses and take more bigger bumps.

• Take bigger and longer chair lifts.

• Try to start to do some sides slipping.

• Start blue,… slopes.


These are my goals for next season of ski.


Ski is new in my life. Skiing is something exceptional for the mind, the feeling of freedom when you slide is something of exceptional, to be in mountain, breathe mountain air, the view of mountain are somethings of exceptional.

Do you skiing? What do you think about skiing and mental health? Did skiing help you in your mental health?

I advise you of try of skiing if you can… it is something of exceptional and it may be able to help you in your mental illness.

I did a post about ski and mental health HERE.

See you tomorrow for a Wednesdays Talk.


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  1. Thank you for your comment! I’m sorry to hear that, it’s not because I’m particularly depressed but in cause of my bad physical conditions I can to be also fastly tired. Except the fatigue I think it’s an exceptional environnement skiing!

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