September Travel Plans

I will talk about special plans on September. I have some solo adventures of planned and adventures like a family. At least of two weeks before the departure and my second grandma passed away it’s super stressful. We making the maximum to be right before our trips.

You maybe noticed because I talked a bit about that before, in September I have a solo trip to Disneyland Paris and it gives me excited because contrary to my previous visits to Disneyland Paris it’s not only for the day. This time I booked a hotel and I’m staying four nights. It’s crazy to me! Since I started to do solo trips last year, I have never taken more than two nights. After my solo trip to Paris in April, I was thinking where I want to go next in solo this year again and in France. Next year, I want to start to travel abroad, this year I’m staying in France again. And I saw any other place that I wanted to go out of Disneyland so after many day-trips, I thought that it was time to go for an overnights trip. I had no other places that I want to go much that Disneyland Paris. In the same time and after each time to do two nights solo trips, I thought it was time to challenge me and go longer. It’s a challenge! I seriously don’t know how I feel of four nights in a hotel in solo. It’s the first challenge that I launched me on this solo trip in September and around I have a bunch of new challenges in this overnights trip to Disneyland Paris. It’s crazy all the challenges that I have planned! I could talk about later. I’m leaving for Disneyland in about 10 days. I have chosen a fun and relaxing kind of trip.

Well! It’s not the only biggest adventure and challenge! After my solo trip to Disneyland Paris, I take a TGV not back home but for the south of France, because I’m joining my parents who will be in a thermal cure during three weeks there. I’m going in solo at Disneyland Paris during the first week of their thermal cure and I’m joining them for the rest of the time either about two weeks. I could be out of the home during almost all month of September. It’s crazy and anxious! This is the first time of my life that I do two different trips in the row. What the organization to know what I need to Disneyland Paris and what for two and a half weeks in the south. The thermal cure spot is next to the beach. I have nothings of planned for this trip. I decided to see what I want once there. I hope of these two weeks at the beach, a restful time of these last events with my two grandma passed away to one month apart and I’m in a serious nervous breakdown in more of my C-PTSD since one and a half month. I hope that this trip helps me to find what things I want in life, a thing that I have lost since my first grandma passed away. I question me so much about life and living! I hope this trip to find what I want.

About blogging. I could be blogging until I’m left for Disneyland Paris and during my trip there I will take a break of blogging. I want to concentrate me on my challenges and take photos but I could share on my Instagram account. And I could to be back blogging once that I’m in the south with my parents. I don’t know exactly how I could to be blogging during this time because it’s two weeks and how much the wifi connection could be good (because on vacation I have always wifi troubles). But I have sure a few posts of planned and I could probably be recapping my solo trip to Disneyland Paris also.

On another note, the last week my sister comes there for a week of vacation with us and she took with our cat. It’s the first time that our cat could to travel and take the train. It sounds crazy! I hope that she could to feel okay also. Crazy! This September month trips could be crazy with my flashbacks and anxiety and I hope of these three weeks Disneyland/beach/solo/and not solo vacations to have restful and to re-find positive and what I want. I’m excited! What is the longest time have you traveled?


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