September Movies Review

Hi! It’s September Movies Review.


I thought that September could to be a month with others kinds of movies but finally it was already an all almost Halloween movies month. I watched and found back my last year’s Halloween movies. I was in good mood to watch Halloween Movies again. And I can’t wait to watch again more (and new) next month. All the movies that I watched this month, I watched them already except one… Back to the future 2, it was my first time.


Let’s see september movies.

Ghostbusters: Answer The CallI love this movie but I find it long. It’s a hard work for me to stay concentrate on a movie after about 1h10 and this is just too long so the end of the movie is out of my head because I fall asleep. Yes! But I love it, I want to buy me the headquarter in Lego now. My favorite part is in the subway.

The Dog Who Saved HalloweenThis is an of my favorite Halloween movie! In the same way than The Dog Who Saved Christmas series. Ah, Ah! Christmas movies, the best times! I do not love scary movies, Oh!(I do enough nightmares), this movie is just a sweet Halloween movie. The script to the decorations, I love all about,… Zeus, this cutie and the mystery neighbor. My favorite part is all the movie;). Yes!

Back to the Future IIThe future what? What future? We do not have flying hoverboards! Lol, I have that in my mind because it says in an episode of psych. But I loved to watch this movie. The flying scenes are my favorite.

Hocus PocusI know that this is a kids age public but I have fear in watching this movie. Ggrr! It’s a scary Halloween movie for me that I could not watch multiple times. Nop! But once or twice it’s ok! Scary but my favorite parts are with the trick or treat scenes. Yes, these scenes are not scary!

The Haunted MansionThis movie is fun because with Eddie Murphy… but I do not find him really good, maybe in cause of the murder made-up in suicide. #mentalhealthperson #suicideprevention My favorites times is the adventure of the kids in the corridors of the mansion.

Fun Size. Up! My favorite Halloween movie with The Dog Who Saved Halloween. Not scary but full of Halloween scenes. I say yes! I love the story of the relationship between Wren and Albert… The adventures of little spider-man wasted are my favorites, the chicken battle in the parking lot and the cat costume theme. #Love


Few days are here until the end of September, I will watch again once or twice The Dog Who Saved Halloween and Back to the Future and I’m off to do my wishlist for watch again more Halloween movies in October.


Please, do you have any suggestions for not scary Halloween movies? or suggestions for Fall movies? Seriously, I can’t watch scary movies, I do anxiety crisis and I have some heart palpitations. Please, let me know it if you have suggestions!


Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow for a What’s Up post.


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