September Goals {2018}

It’s September Goals post!


After to have taken a break well earned in my monthly goals during July and August, I’m now ready to be back with my goals.

If I decided to take a goals break during my summer, I worked hard on my Summer Bucket List that I managed successfully… if you missed my summer 2018 recap, let’s go see it here.


Like I had no goals in August, I have no review! Let’s see directly my September goals.



1. Fall Decorations. It’s already started (a post is coming about home decorate for fall with photos).

2. Put in place my new school routine. I talked of my school projects and routine for this new school year last week here, with the school who has started since less of a month and with in the mid my trip of last week it’s time to put in place my new routine. I’m so excited about!

3. Embrace FALL. An enormous goal for these two follows months. Embrace fall, I really need to love fall also. I did a fall bucket list for that.

4. Fall purchases. All about clothes and deco. It’s time all about.

5. Plan Nov. and Dec. to buy. Christmas is only in 104 days (Yes!) but I love to be organized and I have a lot of projects again before Christmas and I love to buy Christmas gifts in advance. I want to start to plan my budget for November and December.

6. Watching Tv Shows Premiere. Last week of September, all tv shows premiere are here. It’s time! That’s could be a little hard from France but watching Law and Order: SVU, Modern Family, Hawaii 5-0,… premiere.

7. Work on my Yearly PhotoBook 2018. Early this year, I talked that I print all my photos once time by year in a yearly photobook. Last year, I started to create him in August because I want pretty time for creating my layouts photos, phrases that I want to write. At the end of September, I try to have finished all my pages until the end of summer… like that I do without stress the last months of the year each month and in the beginning of January, I can already order it for receiving it fastly.



1. Eat Cinnamon Spice. Eat all about fall food and recently I started to eat cinnamon spice like in my Nutella Cinnamon Rolls. I love so much cinnamon spice. I started to put on almost all my food, it’s a september goal, enjoy eating all with cinnamon.

2. Pick up one vegetable and try to eat. During this past spring and summer, I worked hard to eat more fruits. It’s a deal, I had in mind this since spring for this fall. I eat any ANY vegetable,… it’s time to try and work on this also.


These are my goals for September. What are yours?

Have a nice day! See you tomorrow with a recap of my last week trip.




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