My Self-Care Nighttime Routine

Night time is probably my favorite self-care time of the day because it’s the time of the day where I can to do the coziest time after a day with anxiety. Lights, blankets, movies, these are the best things for to be cozy. It’s my own idea! With the anxiety all day, I just need to be again more cozy during nights. I do every night the same things for be the more cozy and try to take the step on my anxiety and obsessional thoughts. So! I can call that a routine. But! It’s not only a routine before bedtime. It’s my self-care time! It’s my productivity time! It’s a reset after a day of anxiety and before start another day where I know already that I will have anxiety! The night start after dinner. The dinner time is at about 07h00pm. I take my shower directly after dinner and before start to do another thing if not I know me. I’m too tired for take it later. After dinner, I’m not really again tired so it’s more easy to take my shower. In the same way, I brush my teeth also before I’m not too tired. And let’s time for self-care!

1. Put my pajamas. I start my cozy time by putting a cozy pajamas.

2. Grab my blanket. My blanket is all for me for be cozy. I grab it and jump on me bed. Yes! It’s on my bed that I spent my nighttimes.

3. Work on my blog. At this time, it’s about 08h15pm. I work on my blog during about 30 minutes, I write my posts, check that the next day post is ready.

4. Reduce lights. I have few lamps in my bedroom with the Philips Hue system and my Hue Go lamp (I talked about this ingenious system, here). After to have worked on my blog. I reduce my lamps. I turn on the two lights sources that I have in my bedroom and I reduce each at 50% intensity. I feel better and smooth like that. Two light sources but less powerful.

5. Watch tv show or movie. At 09h00pm. I start to watch a movie or some episodes of a tv show that I want to watch, in dvd, on Netflix or Prime Video.

6. Drink Hot Tea. Since that Fall season has started, almost every night during I watch, I drink a hot tea. Currently, my favorite is Apple Cinnamon.

7. Draw. Since that, I discovered a therapeutic help for my anxiety and obsessional thoughts to draw. I can often be drawing in my night time or coloring. Or currently! you could find me often with my Halloween Activity Books.

8. Pinterest 10 Mins. About at 11h00pm. Before I sleep! I grab my iPad and I go on Pinterest. If you read my blog since long, you know that I love Pinterest. Yes! I love so much Pinterest! It’s a good inspiration source. I love going, find inspirations before finish my day and to try to have inspirations in life before starting the next day.

For sleeping, I analyze my sleeping quality with a sleep app, Sleep Cycle, I talked about few weeks ago, here.

The night is a favorite time. Do you love night time? What is your self-care nighttime routine? Thanks for reading!




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