Self-Love For Valentine’s Day

In 2021 goals, I introduce to get more “softness” towards myself and my mental health recovery. I started to think that “self-love” is in one big part to practice this goal. Before taking my current Instagram break, I saw everywhere talking about Valentine’s day. I’m single and I have absolutely no problem with this currently, but Valentine’s day was not a real part of my life because I considered (or the society makes it) Valentine’s day like a time for couples.

After seeing everyone talk about Valentine’s day and in the reflection to make goal to practice more “softness and self-love” towards myself, I started to want to use Valentine’s day to make the occasion to use it for practice again more self-love towards myself and my mental health, even if Valentine’s day is rather a couple thing. I wanted to use for self-love, me.

My current mental breakdown makes hard to practice “softness and self-love” towards myself. The announcements of Disneyland Paris reopening delayed from February to April, and that ski lifts could stays closed all the ski season have been hard mentally. And making myself wanted to practice again more self-love towards my mental health.

I wanted something of simple but in the main time I didn’t where going because I have never practiced self-love towards myself. On social media, I noticed that some parents make Valentine’s day basket for a fun stuff for their kids on Valentine’s day. I loved this idea!

I decided that I could make me a Valentine’s day basket, with things who could help to practice my goal of “softness and self-love” towards myself. I searched what things could help me in these current times. I’m not loving buying myself things but with no Disneyland Paris trips since four months and no trips planned in the next couple of months because of the opening delayed, I told myself why not buying a few things. Of course, it’s could be mindful buying. I took a few days to create my Valentine’s day basket.

I have chosen to include this Muslin Saranoni XL blanket. I look on this blanket since about one year. I have already two Lush Saranoni blankets and it’s one of my favorite thing in life. I looked on the Muslin since a time, particularly for summer because it looks more light that the Lush blankets and in summer days, I have hot with the Lush blankets. And eventually, more easy to transport on travel. I always take one blanket on travel even on my Disneyland Paris trips, but no lie that it’s heavy, and I looked on a lighter format for travel. I always hesitated, because I was afraid that Muslin blanket could be less soft that the Lush blankets that I have. Now that I have it. It’s amazing! This blanket is softer that it’s looks, in a little different way but it’s much soft that the Lush. It’s absolutely amazing!

I decided to place in this self-love basket, one bracelet that I looked on it since a time. I discovered this Disney “Frozen” themed bracelet at Disneyland Paris mades by Arribas one year ago during the Frozen Celebration at Disneyland Paris. I wanted to buy it but the park has closed for the Covid and I haven’t had the time to go back to buy it. I don’t thought at this bracelet anymore with the park closed and no Frozen Celebration this year, until that Arribas has started to sell the products on Internet, with the park who is always closed and during looking on the website, I remembered about this bracelet that I wanted to buy me last year. I always wanted it when I looked on it. And the last bracelet and last jewelry that I bought myself it was two years ago. Right! I thought, it was good stuff to add to the self-love basket.

Next, after to have chosen some things that I wanted to buy since a long time for this self-love basket, I decided to go on the real way to learn practice more “self-love” and during some research, I found some self-love workbooks on Amazon. I thought that it was maybe a good idea to help me to learn self-love because I have never really practiced self-love with my lack of self-confidence. Right! I chosen this one! And I try to work a bit daily on it! It’s hard to learn self-love, again more with my C-PTSD to deal aside. But I love the workbook that I chosen to try to help myself on this new journey. On the work…

For totally wrap this self-love basket, I decided to add these heart sticky post-it for fun. I never buying me little things like that just for fun. Buy why not, exceptionally?


If I prepared this basket for Valentine’s day in first time, after my ski trip where I discovered that my mental breakdown was worst that I though it and I fastly decided to take some decisions to deal with my mental health to try feel myself better mentally. I switched and I took it a bit early than planned, but in the same time that I decided to take new decisions for my mental breakdown, to accompany these decisions. To maybe help me! What is your favorite way to practice self-love? Thanks for stopping by!


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