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Two weeks ago a new school year has started, I feel good and excited about. I’m excited to learn new things and to do a new school routine for this new fresh school year. In first time, I’m always homeschooling to have a graduation. And next to that, this year I decided to fix school goals. It’s not a secret that I LOVE fix me goals for go forward and I wanted here some goals to do in this school year (August 2018-May 2019). These are some things that I just want to learn or by curiosity.


My last school year routine was not optimized to me so this year I do an all new routine. It’s the easy way when you are homeschooling and that gives me happy, it’s for that at this time I want to stay homeschool or work at home. Homeschool permits to manage differently your school planning.

This year, I change, I decided to do my work during mornings only and the rest of the days are for therapeutic activities,… outside, watch tv shows, creativity things, to give me the possibility to have a mental health strong. I have chosen that because the morning is the time where I can stay concentrate on my work but the afternoon it’s really hard. I decided for afternoon times I could to be more for therapeutics stuffs. Between 8h30 am 12h00pm will to be my work time. The afternoons are for all therapeutic kinds of stuff.


I talked about my schedule and planning for this new school year, now I talk about my school projects.


Driving Theory. Starting to training for pass my driving theory before the end of the school year is my priority. I’m not ready at this moment for pass my driver license again but for driving theory, I am. I already started to register me and very soon I will start training me. I have the mind to pass it before the end of winter 2019.

Learn Chess. I’m curious since a lot of time (childhood) about chess. I never learn and play. I saw on many reading that chess was a game who need brain. I want just to use and develop my brain during this school year. Like I’m curious since a long time about, I have chosen to learn.

Learn about China and write Mandarin. I always loved Chinese food… I started more and more to be interested by China. My inspiration is a 6 years old Chinese girl adopted by an American family. When I see this little girl, I’m curious and I developed a desire to learn about China and I launched me another goal, to try to write Mandarin, not all language but few simple words, numbers.

Learn Baseball. I love America, I want live in the United States of America later, I see all American talk about baseball but I don’t know anything about… in France, baseball does not exist. I do not want to play necessarily but learn about this sport, rules, things like that.

Spanish. Last year, I already launch me this goal but I did not manage. I tried to learn Spanish from French and I did not manage but this summer I tried to learn Spanish from English and I was more interest and I better managed so I decided to learn like that and in more in the same time I learn again few words of English.

Develop my creativity. I never really was creative same when I was a child. In therapy when I did not manage to talk, my psychiatrist tried to make me draw for expressive myself but I drew a 3 cm line and seriously I did not know what to do more. These last few months, I understood that creativity helps me in my recovery, to be creative helps my mental health. I launched me this therapeutic goal to develop my creativity. That’s could to be a part of my each afternoons.

Embrace all America learns. Learn all the things about America. I bought me already this book for learning stuffs about each state of America. I love it, colorful, fun, a lot of facts about each state. When I will finish this book, I could look for another book on America for learn again a full of others stuffs. If I hate politics and that’s depressive me… I even decided to learn and understand better America politics because it looks really differently of France on some things, already only for the election of the president.

To do outside activities. I want to do some (outside home) physical activities, at home I want to develop my creativity but I want to do physical activities outside. Once by week or once every two weeks in function of the rest of my life. Ice Skating, Ski, climbing wall, Mini Golf, these are ideas that I have.


I’m excited about my projects.




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