Ride Bike

Recently, I successfully a of my biggest goal for this spring/summer season: Ride Bike.


I chosen this winter that during summer I would like ride my bike, ok, I had the idea already next year but I did not managed. When I was a kid, I loved ride my bike and when I was outside almost my full time it was for ride my bike… and after I stopped to ride my bike for few reasons.


I did not wanted go out in cause of my depression, mental disorders.

I told me why ride my bike?

Go out around neighborhood where some peoples hurts me, I was so anxious.


But ok, this year I wanted to do so I decided that I will try to fight my anxiety around my neighborhood.

When I decided that?

Well! On a slope when I did ski this winter, I know that after winter I can’t anymore skiing so I started to thinking what sport or activity for this summer. I turned to ride my bike. In the same time, I was fighting some anxieties on the slopes during that I skied, more high anxieties that go out around my neighborhood so I decided that go out around my neighborhood I could to do it. It’s thanks to the ski.


When I thinking about before do it, some days I doubt because I have my anxiety.

But finally a sunday I launched me and I continue to managed.


Ok, in first time it was not easy to go out around my neighborhood and again today, I have always little fears to see some peoples that I do not want to see but now that I did it, my anxieties are less high, I almost do not have any.


I started there is about two weeks ago and since I ride my bike about 4 mornings by week. I go ride my bike generally around 10h30 am and during about 30-40 minutes.


Few things.

 1. After ride my bike a little around my neighborhood I go in a forest before back home.

2. I use now the Activity app of my Apple Watch, each time I ride my bike I use it for know what I did.

3. I can’t put really of photos of ride my bike because I do not take my iPhone when I go ride my bike. I use my Apple Watch so I decided since the first time do not to take my iPhone. It’s perfect like that I do not see if I received some notifications every 5 minutes and I haven’t my attention on that during a little time BUT I do not have of photos.

4. During that I ride my bike I take many little breaks of 1-2 minutes because I’m tired.


That was a goal! I’m proud of me!

Do you love ride bike?


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