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The quiet time to read! I launched me a new challenge this year, you probably already know it this you have read my post with my thoughts and goals for 2019. Here a recap of what it is! Well! I saw a lot peoples/bloggers read books, to do some books reviews and they told who love to read. I saw some who told read six books by month. I asking me always how they have done it! I’m perplex because I have a big trouble for reading! Seriously! I have never read a full book and exceeded more than two pages since I was in middle school and it was just for school work. Never! I have never was able. Many times I have tried but I never was able.

I can’t stay concentrate on what I read because of my anxiety and my obsessional thoughts principally. My thoughts are constantly here and I try to stay concentrate and read two words, my thoughts are back in the middle, I try to finish the phrase but when I was able to finish it, I have forgotten the beginning of her. It’s crazy!!! I finally abandoned the idea to read! But last year, I thoughts many times. On another side, I saw since many years talk about Harry Potter books/movies. I never read or watched! All the peoples who read the books tell it’s amazing. After a lot of months made of reflections, I was entrained when peoples talk about and I wanted to know what it is!  I wanted to try, at least! With my many fails by the past, I was not hopeful! I have finally chosen that try to read the Harry Potter books collection could be a goal for 2019. I loved to chose this goal. Even if I was not with a lot of hope to manage it.

It was about in the first week of January that I launched me and started the Harry Potter book n°1. I started slowly, I was able to read the first pages, after I started to be annoying but when finally Harry is ready to go at Hogwarts, I started to be entrained again. I was able to continue to read. Sometimes, it was hard but the story entrained me. I did not have read regular and during my ski trip in January, I stopped to read all the week. Right! I had no time, I spent most of my time to skiing and sleep. On the road back home with 6 hours of car, I thought it was a good time to try again and finally the story entrained me completely. It was at a time where I read every day! I finished the first book!

If I do not count the week ski trip, I was able to read this first book in three weeks. It’s a feat! I never read of all my life a full book. A book with so many pages. I particularly loved to read it also! I think, it’s really amazing! I read the first novel of my life! In only about three weeks in more. I waited four days after to have finished it and I started to read the second book. I was so excited to start it.

How? When I started thinking to try to read, I tried to think by what way, paper book, iPad, Audible, Kindle,… In first, I started to download the Kindle app on my iPad. I scrolled on the app and discovered that with my Amazon Prime, I have some books for free. The first Harry Potter book was included so I download it for trying this way because I do not really love paper books except photography books and I was in the mind that buy books, it’s a way to clutter and I do not want this, I love minimalism.

I finally tried to read on the Kindle app on my iPad and it was a success. I just started my second book, I don’t know if I will manage to read all Harry Potter books before the end of the year like in my goal. But! Seriously, at this moment, I managed my goal for me because never I will have thought that I could read one book or more than four pages. I loved also! That’s all! I don’t know also how I could to read all the books, I started with the Kindle app on my iPad but I would want to try with Audible also or buy maybe once time a paper book. I don’t know! At this moment, I love to read with my iPad. Light when I want to take it with me outside from the home. I have discovered one tip for manage to read and do not forget the beginning. Yes!… because I finished my first book and I remember the beginning of the book again.

I read by chapter. The good thing! On the Kindle app, there is the time who left you before the end of the chapter. When I start one chapter, I try to look on the time, if I have enough time before me. In this way, I already was able to read two or three chapters in the row. In the beginning, I had no particular time of the day to read, it was when I wanted. Since about two weeks and with the moving, I tried to read rather on nights in bed and the best with my cozy blankets. it’s comfortable, I love it! I can read also before dinner. A new house, a new habit. I fixed me to try reading about 4-5 days in the week one chapter on night around 08h00 before watching tv shows or work on the internet. In this manner, it’s a success to read and I love it.

At this moment, I’m not entraining by other novels that Harry Potter. I do not find a good benefit on my mental health to read! But, I’m entrained by the Harry Potter books and it’s a little cool to do another thing that watching a tv show or spend all the time on my laptop. Well! It does not matter, if I’m not inspired by other books! It’s an of my biggest success to be able to read a book! I’m at the beginning of n°2, I have a few books to come before finishing the collection. Right!?

Do you love to read? Are you like me and having trouble to remember what you read? I would love to hear from you!



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