Random Favorites

I got a few random favorites lately. Right! I thinking to document them in a post. I’m honest of the fact that I haven’t had of trips at Disneyland Paris since four months and no trips planned at least in the next couple of months. I bought myself a few more things that when I’m going on some trips. Of the fact of my current mental breakdown, also I try to find things who could help or calm me. Right! This is always some thoughtful shopping. But I bought myself more things lately. And I don’t like that! I hope that soon I could place money on therapy Disney trips and not buying things. Definitely not my favorite thing. But I use these times also to buy some things that I wanted when I was doing Disney trips and I haven’t bought me at these moments because I chosen the trips. But whatever! Shopping is not my thing!

PUZZLE MOMENT. I discovered this new kind of puzzle. These are some mini-99 pieces puzzles specially for adult. They are made for when you want to do a puzzle to relax during a few minutes and not starting a 1000 pieces. This is genius for me! I dreamed of this kind of puzzles since months. I love doing 1000 puzzles but sometimes I just need to puzzling 10 minutes and not hours with a big puzzle. I love the idea of Ravensburger to have done this and I love even how they call it. Puzzle moment.

A PRATICAL GUIDE TO COMPLEX PTSD BOOK. My C-PTSD is really hard lately and I try to find every kind of thing who could help me like I don’t have my therapy place. This is the first time that I bought me a C-PTSD related book! I place it in this favorites post but this book was really hard and emotional to read (a bit on a good side). It’s helped me to understand so much more about my symptoms and feelings and how it works because of my traumas. It was such hard to read, I cried of despair many times during reading it. But I understand many more things about C-PTSD now. I understand a bit myself more. This is a good and important first step, I think! After the hard emotional thing that it was to read, I took a break of it currently. But I think, when I could feel better I could look back on it for healing strategies. It’s such hard and emotional to understand for the first time some things since 15 years. It’s overwhelming mentally!

50 WORLDWIDE GAMES ON NINTENDO SWITCH. I’m more into video games lately. In more with my new TV it’s so better to play on it. I looked on the 50 Worldwide Games since a long time. I love it! This is really good! Of course, I haven’t tried the 50 games again. But this is really cool to have a few of my favorite games in one game. There is even bowling!

INSIDE OUT MOVIE. Disney + on a new TV. Right! It’s a hard time for me watching movies but I try to catch a few. I tried to scroll on Disney + when I found this movie about emotions. Of course, I already hear talk even if I see nothing really about this movie in Disneyland Paris parks, but I have never watched this movie (like a lot of Disney movies, lol), well. Like all movies have a bad effect on my mental health currently, I was perplex to try it. But I launched me like the subject was about emotions even if I didn’t anything about what and how it’s could be talked.

I really loved this movie! Disney movies are usually too emotional for me but this one was amazing. I almost loved everything about it. I loved about the emotions and how they work, I loved to see how the memories work. It’s helped me to understand more how my brain and emotions and memories work, in a different way. I have even find a bit of fun in this movie, it’s is exceptional of the fact that Disney movies are too emotional for me to watch and again more in my current mental breakdown. This is an amazing movie about mental health! If you don’t have watched it and deal to understand your emotions or how your memories work, I HIGHLIGHT recommend it to watch. It is really helpful! Now, so excited for Disney Star who is out today.

PAINT BY NUMBERS. In the way to trying new therapy activities of the fact that I haven’t access to my therapy place, in fact I scrolled on Amazon to look on what inspires me and what I could love to try. I found the paint by numbers thing, I bought a simple Disney Frozen kids version to try if I could love it because it’s a very long time that I haven’t done painting. And I was so surprised how I loved and how it’s currently helped me to calm, even a bit my flashbacks. When I finished the kids version, I thought me another that I’m currently working on it, a Paris board, more adult. I love painting currently!

TOY STORY 4 PANINI STICKERS. If you are living outside of Europe I don’t know if you are already heard talk about Panini Stickers. Panini Stickers it’s in fact an album with stickers to place inside, and it’s form a story. Some peoples make that mostly for collection it but for me it was mostly to find a therapy calming activity. I don’t know why but I wanted to try this! I chosen the Toy Story 4 album, and I really love the activity to place stickers. I think I love playing with stickers, it’s have a relaxing effect. I almost finished to place them. I want to continue a stickers activity because I really love but I don’t know again if I could try to do another Disney Panini Stickers collection or take only a stickers book, because it’s so much less expensive. But whatever I could choose for the next stickers activity, I’m really love doing this Toy Story Panini Stickers album.

Well! Of course, the snow and cold at home early this month that I talked yesterday in my post was a favorite, even if it was hard because of the ski lifts closed! That wraps my favorites lately! Thanks for stopping by!


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