Positive Affirmation Challenge

I don’t know how quotes have the power! Since I started to use motivational quotes it’s changed my life! I already talked a few times on my blog. I included quotes in my life since a few months now and it’s really helpful. On the tough days and even on the good days where it helps me to continue dreaming and reach my goals. This week, I told that I will stop my monthly goals during summer months to take a break and I feel full of adventures with my summer bucket list. But also! Next month, I will do a special challenge. Right! I read and read many motivational quotes by day with my motivation quotes app. I have equally a Pinterest board dedicated to quotes but in June I wanted to do a positive affirmation challenge. I read quotes daily and this challenge is not only reading quotes but say 5x a day a positive phrase. I want to see if this challenge can help me to change my mind around again more positive. I’m not sure if it could help me to reduce my flashbacks daily but I want to see also if during the flashback times it can help me to have a different and positive attitude. To survive at them!

Have you already done a positive affirmation challenge? Do you want to join me during this challenge!? I could share the phrases on my Instagram quotes account, @brightlightandquotes!



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