Pictures, pictures, pictures.

This weekend was surviving and a long with a surgery, I haven’t to do post planned for today, I will post a random and assortiment of pictures from my last week.

A christmas cat touches, I cuddled and she comes on me for sleep so much this sweetie these times.

Christmas movies are on AIR since last week, nights, afternoons… IT’S HERE.

I love working on this bed so much.

The past monday was a incredible day in my therapy process, I did a big progress, I managed to do face my anxiety and I went alone my psychiatrist visit, I blogged about here. Yesterday, I started again and I’m managed to go alone. Last monday it was before and yesterday it was after, I just drunk a hot chocolate from starbucks, I love them, now I take also a Grande cups before I took just Tall, Welcome calories!!! It’s just GOOD. And it’s christmas for drink and foods in starbucks.

I feel not special emotionally to manage to do just this big thing but I’m proud of me.

I started to put my christmas pj’s last week, this sweet from last year, I love it.

Beethoven Christmas Adventure.

I loved to building my Holiday Train Lego. It’s just fun.

I feel like a 5 year old, I love this extra times to building Lego.

A day I went for the first time of this season in a store with a lot of christmas decorations.

So white bear.

I founded so cool this, with the picture we do not see but that moving, it’s cool.

I do not love the decorations really but I love just the red touch inside, it’s just what how numbers I love.

It’s more fun with songs.

I prepared and working a lot on photography side.

Baking Triple Chocolate Muffins too.

On November 4th, I put officially my first time of the season my boots, I was waiting and excited about that since july, WHY? because I love my UGG, I have too a classic pair that I love but these one I love it, they start the third year and it’s good when it’s rainy, wet or snow outside, I alternate my two pairs of UGG boots, they are so comfort.

NCIS friday night.

AND, It’s ALL about THAT, these Things that are COZY. IT’S SO GOOD AGAINST Mental Illness.


That’s a random of my last week lately, it’s just finished the last week with a hard passing of a surgery.






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