Photos Scavenger Hunt At Home

Motivation 0%, creativity 0%, productivity 0%. That’s me since a few weeks and it really start to get me!

I haven’t taken my DSLR outside since my last trip at Disneyland Paris in the beginning of March. And last week, when I took it for the first time outside to take photos of my cat. The feeling was good! In real, at home I haven’t really of interest to take out my DSLR and I have nothing around that I want to photograph.

I decided to try challenging myself on this and create a Photos Scavenger Hunt at Home during the month of June. Because even if the lockdown is up and tomorrow the France starts his phase 2 to reopening the country, nothing that I love or who is therapeutic to me outside could be open before weeks. Right! For me, it’s always kind of quarantine.

I miss take photos in my therapy place (aka Disneyland Paris). I miss just take photos of what I love. Right! At home and even if I have no real interest to photograph what around me. I decided to challenge myself. It is it! I bought a new camera and she could be delivered in the next days. Right! This photos scavenger hunt is the occasion to start to learn this new camera and get used to before take it in travel.

A lot peoples on Instagram love to do some monthly photos challenges. I do not wanted to do that because I know that every day with my depression and no-motivating mind, I knew that I couldn’t to follow it and could be lost in the first days. Right! I decided to do a photos scavenger hunt rather. I have 30 subjects for June but I decided do not force myself to do every day, particularly on really no-productiviting days or when I’m just not motivated.

The goal is to do when I feel that I want, on the days that I want, to work on my photography creativity on the different subjects write down on the list and learn to use my new camera who is on the way. Not every day, and if I want to work one day on five subjects the same day, it’s ok! Just a project to try to occupy my mind away of my flashbacks also.

Below here it is my photos scavenger hunt at home for June!

Let’s go for a photo scavenger hunt at home in June!




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