I’m photographer of differents types photography; minimalist, travel, food, mental health.

For each types of photography I use a other apparel.

Minimalist = Iphone.

Travel = DSLR and Iphone.

Food = DSLR.

Mental health =DSLR and sometimes Iphone.


Homewer organization is a thing that I love and which is important for work recovery on my Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms. I did a post about organization here.

I have managed to found a approximately a organization but often I don’t where I am with all these.

Organization on my Mac:

I created a files “photos” and after I create subfilders by months/years and after I create the nom of photoshoot with photography inside.

App Photos is a BIG problems cause I do not have so much inside but it’s all mix.

On my organization Iphone:

Yes this number!

When I took always 50 sames photos in the roll for always to have a good photos at the least.

Before I left some weeks all photos same the not good in the camera roll. Why? Because a day, in a formation, a photographer to says that same the not good photos could to be good, says something and use.

This year, I decided to delete the not good photos every night before in my bed, particularly when it was a day with so much photos, usually I’m manage now with a little of work but I did not every night and sometimes I keep again some same photos.

For minimalist photography I use my Iphone for take them, I retouch on my photos and left them on my Iphone on my cameral roll or for some specials I created a file Minimalist for that it’s ok, I do not transfer never my minimalist photos took with my Iphone on my Mac.

For travel photography, I use DSLR and Iphone and here for organize and retouch photographs it’s a BIG problem, I took always 1 billion of photos of the sides, generally the photos took with DSLR are transfer on my Mac for retouch and after a long time I founded the organization for these photography, for that I took with my Iphone I do get anymore I retouch  on my Iphone and sometimes I transfer on my Mac but I didn’t managed. Why? I don’t know at this moment in my head it’s horrible I don’t understand.

For food photography, it’s with my DSLR transfer on my Mac and retouch and organized on a files I keep always originals photograph on my SD card it’s not a PROBLEM for  that.

For mental health photography, no problems too transfer on my Mac and organize on files.

A problem Videos too, I film and I transfer for edit but after I don’t know how organize videos on files if I know for didn’t lie but I don’t managed in more videos took huge memory on all.

When I started with photography work I used all camera mixed for all photos.

Now, I decided to use my DSLR for real photoshoot and my Iphone for every single day photos, it’s better.

Borderline Alert Problem:

I don’t know. Why? It’s so hard to managed in my head just because I don’t keep control on organization and retouch of my photos with my Iphone.

Outside the photos organization is a passion and I’m feel good with that it’s maybe because for that that I feel not good when I’m not managed to organize my photos same I would like.

It was a post about a Photographer that a hard work (she has to did process) sometimes for organize her photos and cause of his Borderline Personality Disorder problems she feel not good in her head when she is not managed.



French girl, photographer, disneyland lover, lifestyle blogger with complex ptsd.


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