Philips Hue Go… The Therapy Light

I got a Philips Hue Go lamp for my birthday last year, I’m fell in love with for many reasons. The Philips Hue Go lamp is a connected and portable lamp that you can turn on with a button directly on but the best it’s when you use the Philips Hue app. Information: to connect the lamp in the app the bridge is necessary. The app gives you a smart, easy, fun system with many functionalities for directe your lamp. A billion of different colors, change the intensity of the light, make a bedtime routine for fall asleep, morning routine for wake up slowly and many other options like use a timer to turn your light on automatically, control your lights in function of the time of the day and to do when you come home your light is on… but I do not use really these options. After many months of using it, I can tell that it’s a therapy light and that can help all peoples with mental health particularly depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar, anxiety.


Philips Hue Go is clearly a therapy help for many reasons. First, I had a big fear to sleep in the dark and now almost not anymore, second I can change the color in function of my mood and feeling myself better, the other cool thing it’s to change the color for movie nights in function of the kind of movie. Currently, I love to use orange during I watch Halloween movies. That can be used as a light therapy during day for struggle depression or sad mood.


I was so much in love with my Philips Hue Go lamp and the Philips Hue system that this summer I extended and bought a bulb at my other regular lamp in my bedroom.

I have fear to sleep in the dark and the Philips Hue Go lamp helped me to fight slowly by changing the intensity of the luminosity. In the beginning, I slept with 80% intensity and few weeks later I managed step by step to about 18% of intensity. I use the bedtime routine timed on 1h30, that left me the time to fall asleep and she turns off alone.


When I only had a lamp in my bedroom without the hue system, I felt not comfortable on evenings because I found not soothing to have one lamp with a big intensity. Since that I have my Philips Hue Go, I love to change the intensity of the luminosity in function of where I’m in my bedroom and of the time of the day… because during the evenings when I use already many sources of lights (my laptop, tv,…) in the same time, I need of a light but not with a normal (big) intensity so I can reduce at about 60% of intensity at the place of 100%. Now that I bought a Philips Hue bulb for my other lamp I can use two sources of lights during my evenings at each about 50% of intensity, I feel so better comfortable with few small lights sources in the same room that just with one big, my mood and borderline personality disorder feelings are better also.

One thing that I love, it’s to use my Philips Hue Go during movie nights. Pick up one color in function of what movie it is. I added a new scene color with orange for use it when I watch Halloween movies, it’s really so fun!

Do you have already hear about light therapy? Well, I think that can to be used for therapy light for depression. The fact that this lamp is mobile and battery time is about 1h30 it’s easy to place it next to you on your desk during work time. I can tell that this lamp set up on the white color act as a therapy light box because my mom has to one and that gives the same thing.

I love to connect the lamp with the colors of my mood and that can change my bad mood. My favorite color is clearly Arctic Aurora, that calming, I feel just in peace with this color but I love use differently like Starlight,… and generally if I turn off my lamp in red color when I feel angry and I switch the colors to Arctic Aurora, I can feel myself calmer is appeased in only few minutes.


Do you think that lights colors and intensity can change the mood? Do lights change your feelings on your depression days?




  1. Bought 4 of these as a christmas present for my loved ones on sale. Winter time in Finland is really dark so i thought this could be a really good mood light AND a therapy light. Nothing is more important than your wellbeing :). Your blog conviced me to make the purchase decision. Can’t wait them to try it!

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