Peanut Recovery – Blog Update

BLOG UPDATE! This is a blog update over here! A BIG blog update! Because I’m changing my blog name and design.

About the name. It’s a few months that I’m thinking to change it! In first, I thinking to change my Instagram name because my posts and feed didn’t match anymore with the name of Peanut Recovery. I waited a few times for many reasons and last weekend, I finally changed my Instagram name and to follow and match with my blog I decided to change my blog name also. Peanut Recovery has been a name that I chosen two years ago when I was in some part of my recovery. Of course, if you follow me you know that I’m always in the recovery and particularly in some hard times for my mental health these past months. But I felt not good anymore with this name!

My new blog name is Marion Lens. If you follow me since a while you know that my first name is Marion. If you’re curious, Lens is not my last name. I have loved to chosen to refer to the Lens of the camera because I’m a photographer, I love to take photos and videos, I share a lot over here and if you have read my blog post of my goals for this year, an of my goal is to develop more my professional activity around the camera world. I don’t want particularly to develop my activity with this blog. This blog could stay for write about my life and recovery BUT I wanted to put more my mind in the camera world. So! I have chosen a word in this world to place in my new blog name. Right!


About the design. The last time that I changed my blog design was also when two years ago I have chosen the name of Peanut Recovery. I talk always about my lifestyle and living with mental health on my blog, but these last months I have done a few little changes and that I wanted to present a bit differently on my blog design. But for be real! These last times, I dealt with troubleshooting in my blog theme. On my mobile, it missed some things. And on my side, it blocked completely on Safari. In November, I had to change from Safari to Google Chrome to write my blog because in Safari all were completely blocked. This my principal reason why I changed of blog theme.


Between changing my blog name and design, I worked all over the weekend to do some changes and it was not easy. I haven’t all little details completely finished but I’m happy about it. Tell me what do you think! And thanks for reading my blog!




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