Paris in Solo 2019: Part 2

This is the final recap of my solo trip in Paris. I shared part one wednesday where I talked about all my feelings and social anxiety on this trip and shared my first day in photos including the climb to The Eiffel Tower. In this post, I will share my two last days in solo in Paris. It was a full and exhausting day number 2. I climb the Arc of Triumph, strolled on the Avenue des Champs Élysée, finally tried my first macaroons, cruising on the seine and walking 25000 steps and 17km and much more.

After my first almost complete night in a solo trip thanks to my essentials oils and cozy blanket, I woke up around 07h00am. My plans on this morning were to go out early, photograph sunrise colors and strolling in the streets of Paris, to photograph the Eiffel Tower before walking until the Arc of Triumph. On the way, I stopped by a boulangerie to eat breakfast with a croissant and a hot cocoa. I took the way of the Arc of Triumph and passing by the Trocadero. It was nice! It was around 08h30am and there were only few peoples and some only who taken photos like me. Wedding photography! And until the Arc of Triumph.


The Arc of Triumph opens at 10h00am so until this time I strolled on the Avenue des Champs Élysée. I’m so thankful to have chosen to book my tickets before online because the waiting line was of approximately 2 hours. I walked already 1 hour from the hotel room at the Arc of Triumph. I was exhausted and it was hard to climb the stairs until the top. All around I felt good with the atmosphere in the streets. I stayed at the top and enjoyed well the view.

I strolled again on the Avenue des Champs Élysée. And side note: I was sad to see some shops destroyed by the yellow vest movement but compared to what I saw on tv, I found that they have done all their possible to hide the damages and it’s nice when you visit a city. I stopped by Laduree to grab some macaroons for my lunch. Yes! I ate macaroons for lunch! I have not really eaten a lot and correctly during my trip because it’s just not my priority. I just ate a little to feel just enough good to move and not to have headaches. After I walked again one hour before to be back at the hotel and eat lunch and take a rest. This is the first time that I eat some macaroons! It’s yummy! It was the most exhausting time of the day. I walked 25000 steps in the day of whose 20000 only in the morning.

Trying to take a nap but I was not able to sleep, I was fastly back outside and first stop, eating a vanilla soft ice cream next to the Eiffel Tower. I went to visit the Aquarium de Paris, situated next to the Trocadero. I love Aquariums! I particularly loved to visit the Musee Oceanographique de Monaco once time. So when I planned my trip and saw that there is an aquarium next to my location. I wanted to visit him. I haven’t spent hours in the aquarium. I strolled and watched the fishes, sharks and I saw a real-life mermaid. It was nice! But I find the ticket expensive, there are not so many things to see.

Back on the edges of the seine at 03h30pm, I started the cruise on the seine. It’s not my favorite activity but it was nice to move in Paris without moving by myself after all what I already walked during the not yet finished day. At this occasion, I could see the Cathedral Notre Dâme! It was a little emotional.

These photos were taken two days after the massive fire. The bridge where were placed all the tv channels from around the world.

After the cruise, I ate a Nutella crepe and strolling the gardens of the Eiffel Tower before back to the hotel to take a rest. My plans for the night, eat french fries and another vanilla soft ice cream outside next to the seine for the dinner and watching the sunset and the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night. It was a nice night! But I was a little more anxious on this night. I went sit in the grass of the Champs de Mars, a lot of peoples were there and I felt a little uncomfortable to sit. I have done it because I had the best point of view to photograph the sunset. But I was not good! When I was done with the photos that I wanted, I went back under the Eiffel tower waiting it light up and sparkling before taking the way of the hotel around 09h15pm.

Wrapping the night. Back to the hotel to watching my favorite tv shows and sleeping. Next morning, I had to plan to wake up me at 06h00am to photograph the sunrise. I woke up at 06h00am, but I’m waking up me with too much pain with all what I have done the day before. So, I took the decision do not go take photos because I must to have enough strength again to go until the gare station and the rest of the trip. I have only 10 minutes to walk from the hotel to Trocadero. But! It was too hard, I canceled this project and I enjoyed my hotel room during a few hours and watching the sunrise colors from my hotel room. After all! I paid my hotel room also! At 09h00am, I check out the hotel and I took the bus until to go at the gare station. Because, I had the time and it’s so much less expensive, I took the bus on the way back and not a Uber. I took my breakfast in a cafe and enjoying the life of a full gare station and at 11h20am, I catch up my high speed train.

I took many times the high speed train these last months with my Disneyland Paris trips and my feelings now, I rather love to take a train at 4h00am when it’s dark outside. Until Disneyland Paris or Gare de Lyon, the journey time is about the same, about three hours but I find that when it’s dark outside, the time spends so faster. A train in the mid-day is so exhausting. Well! It’s my sentiments! Ok! Back at home happy and exhausted around 04h00pm.

Well! This solo trip in Paris was amazing! It was astonishing about my anxiety! I was with so much anxiety before when I thought at Paris. When I left home for the trip, I was not sure that I could to do it and how, so much I had anxiety. But! Finally, in Paris, I don’t know how it is possible but I felt good. I had some anxiety on some situations and more that during my solo trips in Nice last year. I was my biggest anxiety, I didn’t feel safe when I thought at Paris. But! In any moment, I felt not safe in Paris! My social anxiety was controllable! I think, I fought a new level of anxiety! I’m happy! I’m now ready to take solo trip in international cities, in other countries that France. Let’s time for new adventures! Wahoo! That wraps the recaps of my solo trip in Paris this month! I have a video in editing again! Thanks to Paris to have was nice during my visit!



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