Paris in Solo 2019: Part 1

Well! Where to even begin! I don’t know how to start the recap of my solo trip in Paris! It was an amazing trip on many different angles of it. It’s for this reason that I decided to share my recap in two parts. Because I have a billion of photos and things to talk about my trip and new adventures, I do not want overload all in one post. I left home in Tuesday morning and back home in the mid-afternoon of Thursday. Last week, I shared my feelings just the day before going on this solo trip and sincerely I was not good and so anxious. I started to think at this trip about one year ago and I started to make live this project in my head about when I was back of my second solo trip last October and I decided to go on this trip and booking it in January (we can only booking train tickets three months in advance). Took the decision to go in solo at Paris was really a big decision but I told me that if I was able to take this decision and want to go, it’s that I can do it. It’s what I told me all the time when this solo trip anxious me, particularly the two last weeks before go.

I was in my anxiety and during the evening before the day where I go to Paris. The terrible fire has happened at the Cathedral Notre Dâme. This event has not particularly worse my anxiety. And at no minutes I thought to cancel my trip, despite this terrible thing happened just the day before I must go on a solo trip in a city who anxious me the more in this world. During my trip, I had three times the occasion to see in different angles the Cathedral. It was really emotional!

It was an amazing trip! I was so good during this trip! I felt good and I had only a few anxiety! But not so much that I thought and I had before my trip. I was my biggest anxiety during planning my trip! But I felt in confidence in the streets of Paris. There was a lot of peoples in the streets, a very lot, but I was good. The weather was nice also, sunny and hot. I could enjoy some beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Never, I could forget the contrast about how I was so anxious before to go and finally I had just a little anxiety during my trip. It’s weird and amazing in the same time! I seriously don’t know what I supposed to feel about but I’m happy. Paris has now a little (maybe big) place in my heart!

Before to go on the trip, I thought and thought what transportation mode, activities, hotel’s location was the best related to what I wanted to do on this trip and for my anxieties. In this way, I knew before what situation could anxious me the more, what was at exclude because I was not ready to do that in solo. Although, I had one big goal to fight my anxiety for this first solo trip in Paris. To do things that I already did on my previous in Paris in October 2014 and to do one or two new things also. Ok! After about three hours of TGV (high-speed train), I am arrived at the Gare de Lyon around 03h00pm. My hotel was located next to the Eiffel Tower, I stayed in the Mercure Centre Tour Eiffel, I have chosen this of his proximity related to what I wanted to do. It was a two minutes walk until the Eiffel Tower and it was just awesome.

From the gare at the hotel, I took a Uber. Boom! Ok! First minutes in Paris and already fight my social anxiety. This is the first time that I took a Uber in solo and necessarily with my social anxiety, it was the first challenge. Alone in a car with a guy! A lot of questions in my head, am I supposed to talk to him? What can I tell him?… I knew that it could be my first challenge! I could have taken another less anxious transportation mode but not I have chosen Uber. I have chosen this trip to go beyond my limits on my social anxiety. And I’m happy about! The guy was really awesome, he talks to me and learns me a few things about Paris, it was hard to answer him but sometimes I talked him back. I spent about 40 minutes in his car because we are passed in front of the Cathedral Notre Dâme and the streets were a big traffic jam.

I check-in my hotel room. I took place in my hotel room, call my mom as she asked me. It was around 04h30pm and why I’m supposed to do. Right! I am well now in solo at Paris! Yes! I’m! I hope I could enjoy my trip. I took some breaths and decided to start my solo adventure in Paris even if my adventure has started when I took Uber, I walked down the hotel until the Eiffel Tower. First, I watched this beautiful lady “La Tour Eiffel” that I saw only one time in my life and four years ago. I haven’t eaten since 11h00am and it was 05h00pm so in the second time I ate a Nutella crepe in the Carousel next to the Eiffel Tower after enjoying my good crepe, I took the walk back to the hotel.

I’m back to the hotel and took a break in my hotel room (rest on the bed and watching an episode of Psych) before going out again around 06h30pm. On this night, I had my ticket to climb at the Eiffel Tower for 07h00pm. I bought almost all the tickets of my activities/visits online before going on the trip to cut the waiting lines. It was really nice! I highly recommend to book activities tickets before to go, this website is amazing you can to have paper and on phone tickets. I took the time to enjoy my environment, walk and passed the security control at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. I felt good around all the peoples. I took the way to the elevator to climb until the second floor. And wahoo! The view! I already saw this view four years ago. But it’s gorgeous! I stayed about 1h30 in the Eiffel Tower, I took down the stairs between the second and first floors and took the stairs up again until the second floor. It was physically exhausting so I just sat down on a bench and watching the view.

At 08h30pm, I walked until the Trocadero waiting to see the illumination of the Eiffel Tower. Around 08h40 she was illuminated and at 09h00pm she has sparkled. It’s an absolutely amazing show! Do not miss it if you go to see the Eiffel Tower! I had some big anxieties about this project when I planned my trip. The Eiffel Tower sparkles when it’s dark outside. Right! Stay so late in the dark outside! I was anxious! On my second solo trip, I was able to stay at little in the dark but I was really anxious. But! I have done it, the ambition on the Trocadero was nice, a lot of peoples, tourists waiting like me to the Eiffel Tower sparkling. I do not had so much anxiety just a little, later I was on the way to grab my dinner at Subway and eating it in my hotel room. I stayed until 09h30pm outside in the dark and I couldn’t longer. But! I managed my goal!

Time to going to sleep! For the first time on a solo trip, I decided do not take with me some anxiolytics despite my high anxiety. I have chosen instead to take with some of my essential oils. I took my Stress away roller and my Lavender bottle. Beside of my anxiety, I have always troubles for sleeping in a hotel room or just in a bed who is not mine. I took the habit to take with me during traveling my cozy blanket but it’s not always enough to manage sleeping. During the nights on this solo trip in Paris, I put a few drops of Lavender on the pillows and on my blanket. It’s magic! I never slept so much good on a trip and almost all the complete nights. And it was the first time ever that I slept on a solo trip downright. On my last year solo trips, I was not able to sleep. That wraps this first solo day in Paris! Next day was really amazing also and surprise me a great many!

A few more things about my trip and my anxiety: A lot of peoples asked me to take them in photos and I have done it without feel me uncomfortable socially. On some situations, I started to engage myself a few conversation words like just say “Hello” at the guy in the security control, at the controller ticket in a monument,… It’s not so much! But it’s so big for me, I was not able to do this before! In the high-speed train back home, I had a social giggling because of a dog who snoozed. It was crazy! I felt shy in these situations but I was not specially socially anxious. Part two is coming soon!




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