One Year without Anxiolytics.

Tomorrow mark to the day ONE YEAR that I STOPPED to take some anxiolytics.


What a incredible way to fight my anxiety without take anxiolytics during one year. It was not easy every day, on the contrary some days it was really, really hard.


THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I think it’s thanks to have stopped to take anxiolytics I have learned a lot of things about myself.


My resistance face to the life in despite some hard times and my daily anxiety. I see really that I want live, live the life, live new adventures, learn things, I just want live.


During this past year, I followed my advancement after to have stopped my anxiolytics treatment one year ago here on my blog in some posts. I did a post about one month without anxiolytic and my withdrawal, another post at three months without anxiolytics and my last update post without anxiolytics it was six months ago, the very firsts days of this year.


Ok, between these last six months I found that it was not really necessary that I do some updates because the situation after my six months update was stable and did not change but now six months later and mostly because it’s one year anniversary that I found good to do a little update and review of about.


Before, for these peoples who are new on my blog and do not know my story about anxiolytics. Here a little introduction of me and anxiolytics. I started to take anxiolytics in the mid-january 2017 after a triggering event who gives me anxiety. I took a little more that five months every day some anxiolytics for try to manage my anxiety. In real, I always had some anxiety same with this treatment, I took 0,75mg Xanax by day, this treatment was given by my psychiatrist, however she asked me always to take the less possible just 0,25mg by day but I increased until 0,75mg by day same 1mg or again more by day but more rarely. I know that anxiolytics treatments must not exceed few weeks but I took during few months. I have sometimes tried to reduce the mg for stopped but that’s never worked good, finally I took each times again more. In june 2017, I decided that I had to stop it but in a different way. STOP IT COMPLETELY IN ONCE TIME. I know that this is the last thing to do for stop a anxiolytics treatment and I do not recommend it highly but it was a chance for me that I manage to stop anxiolytics. Before, I have already took a lot of medications and stopped them and my most successful way for stop a medication when that’s not work by reduce the dosage, it’s to stop it completely in once time. I talked with my psychiatrist before stop by this way, she has also recognized that same if it’s not the recommend way, it’s at each times the way who work the best. My last really day of anxiolytics treatment was on 30th June 2017.

The follow days after I stopped was evidently hard including hard withdrawal and of course to have to manage my big daily anxiety without anxiolytics. If you want learn about my feelings and with I deal in the first month, post is here.


Three months later, it was a little better about withdrawal,… but not good and easy. You can found the post about three update here.


Finally, six months later that I have stopped it was better but of course not easy to deal in every day life. Let’s see post about six months update here.


Now, one year later and six months after my last update. I will start by to be honest, during this one year I did not took zero pills of anxiolytics, I took if I count correctly between 4-5 pills of 0,50mg during all year. I took some pills on special times where I thinking really that it was better that I took just a little pill 0,50mg of anxiolytics. I took some pills particularly when I took my flights for my solo trip in Avril because the weather was not good and if I love take planes I do not love turbulences and turbulences were here during the flight go and back. During my first ever solo trip I did not took any anxiolytics. And the others pills was principally on doctors appointments. It’s all!

So, I took few pills of anxiolytics during one year but on exceptional things and my daily anxiety and some others kind of anxieties I dealed with without anxiolytics.


It’s not easy but seriously except on very very exceptionnel things I do not want start to take again anxiolytics. Life without anxiolytics may seem hard, complicated,… but finally my review after this one year without anxiolytics treatment and that anxiolytics did not help me really on my daily life anxiety because when I took them I had always anxiety. But do not take anxiolytics show me of what I was really able and that in despite of my every day life anxiety, all what I want it’s live! Of course, I do not have anymore side effects like all time wanted to sleep,… that when I took anxiolytics, it’s anyway may be that showed me that I just want live.


Anxiolytics is not good on the long term, of course on exceptional event that’s can helped but especially not in every day life and again more during few weeks/months in the row. I have always anxiolytics next to me but I do not take them and I do not want take them. I take always anxiolytics with me in travel but I never took them.


That’s a good one year review? No?


What is your story about anxiolytics? Let’s me know it.



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