One Month Instagram Break Recap

Well! That’s done! It’s now one month that I started my Instagram break! Where I am!


To make short, I started and took the decision to do an one month Instagram break because I didn’t supported to see the differences of Covid restrictions of these past months between the different places in the world and more particularly the differences between the France where everything is closed since the end of October 2020 and the Florida where everything is open. I follow since before the Covid a lot of Florida/Disney parks peoples, I absolutely loved to follow them. Sure, since the beginning of the pandemic Florida state are a place where there is a lot less of Covid restrictions. But since that everything has closed again in France at the end of October 2020, second lockdown and second Disneyland Paris closure who could be longer than the first one. It’s started to be harder and harder, everyday to follow them. They live as there is not the Covid. And when you live in a place with a lot of restrictions, it’s hard to see!

A part that I explained recently in one post, what makes the thing harder is that Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World have reopened after the first closure together mid-July 2020. But Walt Disney World has never reclosed despite that the Covid situation was not under control but just because the Florida government refuses to places restrictions. And in France, it’s all the contrary!

Well! At the end of January after a ski trip, I realized how bad my mental breakdown was, more than I thought. And I finally chosen to take an one month Instagram break, to cut off daily on to see these differences. These differences are not the reason of my mental breakdown, and I just understand what was real under all that since all this past year, but seeing these differences added anger and incomprehension inside me. And it’s doesn’t helped me!

Right! I have done the choice to do this one month Instagram break, I previously already done Instagram breaks from a few days until two weeks. I have never done a so long Instagram break!


Right! First, I can’t believe that it’s already one month that I started this Instagram break. When I started my last week of Instagram break in February, I started to think and to want more and more to continue longer after the one month this break. My mental health is currently not better, in the contrary, I just recently learned what has troubled since the beginning of this pandemic. And I know already that if I could be back on Instagram, I could to continue to feel these differences because in France any restrictions are lifted, and could to be in the next weeks. The French government has announced that the first time where some restrictions could be lifted is not and only maybe around mid-April. I totally think that it’s could be not good to be back right now on Instagram. I could not managing to see these differences.

Ok! I have made the choice to continue this Instagram break over one month. Now, I don’t placed of date to when be back. All simply, I could be back when the French government start to lifts Covid restrictions and that I have a really happening date of reopening for Disneyland Paris. Of course, I could see how the situation evolving day to day with the restrictions and when I could place a date to be back on Instagram. I don’t really miss Instagram! I’m a bit surprised! I miss some of my favorite peoples that I follow! But I’m rather ok. And I decided to place my mental health first, because what I discovered recently is overwhelmed. And don’t be on Instagram to scroll many times in the day, let me also the time to practice therapy activities. I think even it’s this Instagram break and the fact that I had the time to practice more therapy activities when I was not on Instagram that it’s finally let me understand what was real under my current mental breakdown.

When I want to be back on Instagram, I want to be happy to be back and don’t feel myself overwhelmed already two weeks after I’m back. Right! I couldn’t be back right now again. And even if I don’t know again when I could be back, I think I could not be back before the beginning of April, sure. To see, with the Covid restrictions evolution! Have you already done long Instagram breaks? How have you felt about? Thanks for stopping by!



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