One Month in the New House

Where is this time?

On Friday 8, March it’s doing one month that we were in the new house. This time is going so fast, with all the work of moving process and sometimes I have always some troubles to realize that we are in the new house. In this all month, my parents to have worked more on to empty the rental house with all the furniture who have. We have returned the keys of the old and rental house on Tuesday 3, March. It’s all recently! I was with my parents the day when we returned the keys, I wanted to go to see how to do some things like this for my future adult life. Emotional, it was a little weird! I was not sad when we closed the door of the old house the last time. I was a little weird, I think because I thought at this time the change could to be real and official. I feel not bad since that day. I feel rather good in the new house. I already did many details in the decorations of my bedroom that I wanted to in this past month. I switched my IKEA bookcase for some floating shelves. I added the light fixture. I placed the window blind. I almost finished hanging all my wall arts. I wanted to change the organization system… it’s in process. I’m not sure of all what I want again! On these things, I took the time and wait. Right now, what I want in the next time is to add a few Easter decorations, Spring touches and finish to styling my new open shelves.

Few favorite things about this moving process:

Eat in plastic plates. Yes,… please, no dishes!

Embrace the mess before to organize like what I want.

Developing a real hobby about interior design.

Eat pasta and donuts.


I don’t took the time to explore the city again, it’s in my project. Last week, it was the first time that I left the house on a full day trip out of the house. I had no real problem when I was back at home to feel to be at home. My psychiatrist told me that she was surprised by how I managed! I have again some anxieties about the house! But with all the renovations who progress, I feel better again. I’m so surprised by myself! It’s an adventure and a big change to switch of house!



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