One Line A Day

I was looking one way to document by writing in a journal since last year. I wanted to try to journaling but I have never found the good way to journaling that I love and who makes me the want regularly to be back writing in a journal. I found a good way to document during my travel but not in every day life.

And one day, I found on Amazon a little journaling book called “One Line A Day“. I loved this idea and I decided to grab it and try to see if it’s could be a good way to document things regularly. I loved the idea to write only one line a day. It’s looked simple and easy for starting! I bought this book at the early of the year. I started to try writing one line by day. I loved this idea and I wanted to continues. I was not really writing every day. I’m not able because of my mental health. And also, it’s a first time that I document in a journal like that. Right! I haven’t the habit again.

I always loved this idea to document but a couple of months ago, I started to think that I wanted to change something. First, I find the place in this journal small even to write one line. And second, I don’t really loved the journal colors. I finally decided to switch of journal. I wanted one that at the end of each day, I want to pick up to write something inside. A thing who doesn’t brings me the one that I bought on Amazon.

I finally chosen to create myself a personalized journal. I found a beige linen journal to personalized on a French website. And I loved it. Right! I switched to this new journal. With this journal, I feel like I love more to pick up to write something inside, it’s white pages also so I have the space to write how lines I want. I stayed on the style “One Line A Day”, I write the dates in one color and the lines in another color, it stays simple like I looked when I was looking to found one way to journaling. I have chosen to grab a special pen to write in this journal. And this pen is only for this journal. I loved the Bic Velvet four colors pens. Touching it is fun! It’s makes this time to write in the journal again better and more special.

Right! I’m not really writing every day in the journal. Because I’m too bad mentally to take the time every night to do it and because it’s not again really one habit. Sometimes, I can write nothing during three weeks and sometimes I can write three days in the row. But I write when I’m feel ready or good for it. And I find that it’s really a good part and a good start! The goal could be of course to document every day when I could be able to make it. Do you love journaling? Thanks for stopping by!



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