One Day In Strasbourg

I was supposed to have one psychiatrist appointment on July 1st before my psychiatrist goes on vacation but I canceled it because we were in the heat wave and I was not good to do the trip until Strasbourg. My psychiatrist has managed to find one appointment on July 3rd instead. I usually have my appointments at 02h00pm but with the change at the last minute, I had an appointment at 09h30am. It included to let the house at 07h30am to take the train at 08h20am. I have the habit to take early trains now with my 5h00am departures for my Disneyland day. I enjoyed having a so early appointment to do a thing that I want to do since years. Playing the tourist and taking photography in Strasbourg. It’s four years that I do my psychiatrist appointments in Strasbourg but I have never managed to extend my day to visit more the city also. Because with appointments at 02h00pm, it’s hard to take the day to play the tourist. Another reason, it was my social anxiety or sometimes I found fool to take my DSLR and play the tourist in the city where I go see my psychiatrist. And often I was not in the mood to play tourist after a bad psychiatrist appointment. I have finally done it and I’m happy about!

Taking a train early, a psychiatrist appointment at 09h30am (rather 09h50 with the delay of my psychiatrist), I was out of his office around 10h15am. First, I have headed to an all new Starbucks in the city to take a breakfast outside on the terrace because before leaving home at 07h30am, I haven’t eaten anything. I tried a new Starbucks and I tried a new drink. I took a Teavana frozen iced tea Strawberry and Lime with a croissant. Well! It was rather good this new tea, I haven’t the habit to drink tea at Starbucks, I go more at Starbucks in the winter for their hot cocoa but I loved this new drink.

Around 11h00am, I have finally started to explore a part of the city that I have never seen before. I explored more the south of Strasbourg and I walked along the Rhin until La Petite France. I’m back on the Cathedral and the Place Kléber and after 1h30 solid walk and taking photos, I stopped to eat an ice cream.

I took the train back home at 12h52pm. Ok! I leave Strasbourg gare station at time, 20 minutes later we arrived to the next station. And I never leave the station with the same train! The train has been evacuated in the station because of an abandoned luggage. Right! That is when you live in a country with the vigipirate plan because of the terrorist attack risk. I was not destabilized during this situation, I have waited with all the other passengers on the station platform the next train 20 minutes later. I was back home around 03h00pm.

Well! It was not a big full day in Strasbourg but I dreamed to do a day like this and explore more Strasbourg since a few years. I discovered Strasbourg like a beautiful and charming town. It was pretty good this day despite the train situation on the way back home!




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