On The WAY…

I’m at the airport because today, I’m on the way of my second solo trip!

My first solo trip was in April 2018 in Nice, France, you can find the recap here and now I’m on my second. I’m on three full days and two nights trip away from home. At Nice again! I have my flight this morning. And my flight back, thursday in the beginning of the afternoon. I started to book this in May. But! Seriously! I hadn’t so much time for thinking and to be excited about these last weeks because all my mind was on my obsessional thoughts. I’m disappointed about that! I ask me even why I do a solo trip! I know it’s for my autonomy and just for me! In my life lately, yesterday, I talked about that I feel like my mind is lost. It’s right! I’m going on this trip with no special interest why I do that and with a hope to have more interest on why to do all that when I could to be back. I’m not specially anxious by this trip himself. But! My mind is not here!


During I’m away, I could continue to keep blogging. I have some posts planned. You can follow my trip on Instagram, my name is @peanutrecovery.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow.




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