Oh Christmas Decor

I’m back from my December therapy trip to Disneyland Paris! I will start to recap it tomorrow, stay tuned! And today, I will share a little peek on the Christmas decor in my bedroom. To be honest I had a hard time to decorate! For multiple reasons, I started to decorate when I was back from my November Disneyland Paris trip mid-November and it was hard to finish all what I want. My mental health is bad and even if decorate for Christmas season is my favorite thing to do in the year, it was hard and it’s at this moment when I was not able to decorate like I could want because I’m bad that I realized that my mental health is really bad and again more than I could have thought. This is the first time that I decorate in this room and it does not make the task easier also.

Right! All is not what I could want but I have managed to do a little decor in my bedroom. And even if it’s not perfect like I want I think I will keep it like that for this year. My happy thing, I bought me a few Mickey ornaments for my Christmas tree and also a snow globe at Disneyland Paris.

This year I haven’t bought me a chocolate advent calendar like every year since I’m a child but I found this one who is a Disney advent calendar with some puzzles. I love puzzles so after a few thinking, I thought that it’s could be cool. And right! It’s really cool! I love it! It was a little peek on my Christmas decor! Thanks for reading!



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