October Top Three

Happy Halloween! At the end of each month, I usually share my TOP FIVE favorites of the month. But this month, it was too hard, it was a really hard month October and I was not able to find five favorites so I reduced to my TOP THREE.


1 – Disneyland Paris Solo Trip. I talked in a travel diary and shared photos, yesterday I also shared the videos of my trip to Disneyland Paris this month. It was not a much good trip than this of September. But once again, it was in October and this month is so hard. I have like even had a good trip. I have hope that my Disneyland Paris in November helps me more than this of October. Counting down has started and I’m excited.

2 – Starting the cozy things season. The weather temperature really has started to down since mid-October, it was a lot rainy also. All the sweat and soft pants are back, and wrapping in my cozy blankets. During my trip to Disneyland Paris, I took for the first time out of the season my UGG boots, it was really good to be back with them.

3 – Mickey Puzzle. I’m a minimalist and I buy not a lot of things. But this month, I’m literally not bought me anything so last week, I decided to offer me this puzzle when I saw it on Amazon. I just finished last night! It’s the hardest but cutest puzzle that I have never done. It’s crazy hard! It’s not an ordinary puzzle where when two pieces go together they cling. All pieces are unique! I usually took less of 24 hours to do a 1000 puzzle but I took five days to do this one! It was hard but it was good also to spent a few days on a puzzle and not already finishing the next day as I do usually. Note also: that Mickey is taller than the board that I use to do my puzzles on it and it’s enough big for the regular puzzles of 1000-1500 pieces. Right! The cutest puzzle!

Well! These are my October top three! What are your favorites in October? Thanks for reading!



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