October Movies Review

It’s October Movies Review. This month, I stopped to count how many movies I watched or how many times I watched the same movies. Scary! October was full with Halloween movies, of course! But! I gave up my wait until November and I watched two Christmas movies. Two! Just two! I managed to convince my mind to watch two, and after waiting November. My mind wanted more, but I managed to convince him. I watched almost at least one movie by day even during my trip this month. I took advantage of my plane delay. I often put them in the background in my bedroom while I’m doing something else.

Here my list of movies watched this month.

I loved the most of these movies, except Ghostbusters 1. I love Ghostbusters: Answer the Call and I found on internet that Ghostbusters 1 was a must to watch if you love this movie. Right! Not for me! I watched it during my flight back on my trip but I did not find it fun but annoying. Santa Who? and Beethoven Christmas Adventure were the two Christmas movies of October because they are on my favorite Christmas movies list.


If you search Halloween Movies ideas. I shared a friendly list here. What is your favorite Halloween movie? Do you love scary movies? I could love to hear from you. Thanks for reading.


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