November Lockdown Survival To Do

Lockdown number 2, Day 2. In reality, is November an amazing month to be lockdown at home? Cozy at home during watching Christmas movies and that it’s cold outside. It’s could be! But not really when you’re in a lockdown because of the French government. This new lockdown in France, take down the Christmas season, in more of canceled the Christmas season at Disneyland Paris, we can’t take a car ride in a next city to watch the Christmas lights at night because we can’t go more than 1 km from your house and you need an attestation. Right! It’s not!

At this moment, the lockdown is until December 1, but could be extended if the situation need it. Three days after the closure of Disneyland Paris, I feel always heartbreaking, not that I have some trips canceled but really that the park has to close again a second time during months. I imagine the doors closed, I imagine the park empty, without music,… It’s heartbreaking to imagine that a second time after the first four months closure already this year. Disneyland Paris is closed until February 12, 2021, maybe an opening Christmas holiday window from December 19, to January 3, but only if the situation permits it and the governmental decisions. But I decided right now do not imagine until this February 12, 2021 and just take this November lockdown month.

Well! I have done a to do list of things that I want to do and who could help maybe to survive to my trips canceled at Disneyland Paris in November and December.

Note to myself for survive mentally. It’s maybe heartbreaking to see Disneyland Paris closed again and the Christmas season canceled but it’s maybe better for this year with the virus. During these months, the weather is cold over Disneyland Paris and you need to get dressed more with big scarf, boonies and gloves. Right! If until October it was ok to fight the virus with the social distances, hand sanitizers,… I realized that during this Winter in the park it’s could have be harder. How put hand sanitizers on your gloves? Well! You put hand sanitizers on your hands but in the Winter context in Disneyland Paris you touch everything with your gloves and the virus could stay on your gloves and not your hands. And wash your gloves every hour or even every night and change them every day on a multiple days trip in the park, it’s impossible. Despite the amazing safety measures in the park, it’s could have be harder in the place from Disneyland Paris to stay safe against the virus in this season. Particularly with the numbers of cases who increase daily. It’s maybe better than this season has been canceled for guests and Disneyland Paris themself to have not problems with the government because of the weather Winter clothes who are in more my favorite clothes, it’s heartbreaking but maybe better. Let see maybe for the Christmas holiday window. But! Right! 

Excuse me for the place the Christmas decor before November 10, and watching hundred Christmas movies if you don’t like to hear about Christmas early but I’m in a lockdown and I was supposed to discover and starting to live the Christmas season at Disneyland Paris on November 7. Right! Ok! I took millions of photos during my trips these pas months at Disneyland Paris that I haven’t again finished to edit and I need to create my photo books also. Check out the Disneyland Paris 2020 Vol 1 photo book here. Right! I have a very lot of work about them and I have my summer vacation photo book that I haven’t again created. I haven’t had the time. About photography always, I wanted to create myself a photography website since weeks but I haven’t had the time. It’s maybe a time to do that! Lockdown at home. Right! It’s a time to working on house projects and make me more cozy and hygge to feel better in this lockdown. Always in my heart and to feel better mentally is watching daily videos from Disneyland Paris. Create Christmas gifts list because it’s the time and I haven’t again started.

November To Do list version lockdown. Thanks for stopping by!


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