November Goals {2018}

It’s November Goals!


Right now, I’m excited! Because it’s the season where it can start to snowing! But! Not only! It’s the season to start Christmas spirit. In October, I took all my time and my heart to my Fall goal. If you read me awhile you know that Fall is the season that I hate since a long time and this is the season who depressed me so much. I worked good with this goal! And! I found Fall things that I love! Wahoo!


Before November, a review of October goals.


1. Second Solo Trip. Awesome!!! In the beginning of October, I did my second solo trip in Nice, France. It was a beautiful time! I had no social anxiety! I think about my trip every day. Check out the recap with thoughts and experiences here.

2. Fall Photos Sessions. I have few Fall photography in the books but I ran out of time to do Fall sessions with my cat.

3. About Halloween. Boo! Halloween movies and co.

4. Create Christmas gifts lists and start to buy. I progressed a lot on the lists.



1. Fall Spices. Done!

2. Eat Yogurts. Well done! Check out here to see my new favorite yogurts!

3. Add vegetables in meals. I did a big deal with that! It was a success! I added vegetables in a lot of my meals.


Below my goals for November.


1. Buy Christmas gifts. Let’s start the party! I love to buy Christmas gifts!

2. Add Christmas joy in my life. Christmas movies, carols, twinlink lights and all about the joy of Christmas.

3. Plan my Birthday’s Day project. In December it’s my birthday! This year and for the first time, I have a big big project. It’s time to organize and optimized this big day.

4. Stay focused on the good reasons to live. I had few bad days. I was depressed. These last couple of weeks. I don’t knwo why exactly! I have the impression that it’s the Sertraline who depressed me more. On bad days, I want to stay focused on the good reasons to live!

5. Stop Sertraline. I started to stop Sertraline. I need to take end at this treament and see how I feel! If I could feel me less depressed and some nights with less of details in my nightmares.

6. Say to my psychiatrist my feelings about her. I felt not good in the relationship with my psychiatrist these past weeks. It’s a of my biggest challenge! Talk and say my feelings! But! I feel right now the need to tell my feelings about her. I want try, if I continue of feel this need.



1. Vegetables. Continue my work about eat vegetables.

2. Holiday foods. All about Christmas food.


What are your goals for November? Thanks for reading!



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