New Year Thoughts + Goals 2019

Happy New Year! All the Christmas decors are put down already since the 2nd January. Usually we wait until the epiphany but this year we are in the moving process so they were taken off early. I was sad to let 2018 not because only I don’t like the new years start and I’m more anxious at this time of the year but because 2018 was an incredible year. It was a hard year on my daily anxiety but next to this I lived so many new adventures that I loved. I was sad to let the year where I lived all these new amazing adventures! In 2019, I want to continue living so many new adventures. This year, my anxiety and obsessional thoughts could be again an of my biggest deal! I do not feel hopeful that my anxiety stops completely in 2019. Right! I think anyway nobody has zero anxiety! But I feel hopeful to fight them! I did so much work and progress in 2018. I worked so well. I found so much helpful ways. I just want to continue and I feel hopeful about that. When you want to live adventures particularly news the anxiety can to be the worst enemy, but last year I decided to make it a force. Succeed face them, it’s the best reward. I want to keep in my mind that despite manage to fight anxiety in sometimes and live new adventures, it’s also normal if during the year I can to have little or big low times. The importance at this moment is that I keep in mind all the rest, all the good, and to do what I need and who helps me to re-take the right road.

All my goals of 2018 were a success! Now, it’s time to write down news for 2019. I feel anxious because I’m always more anxious at this time of the year. I feel anxious and hopeful for 2019. Set goals in the beginning of new year is not a big deal for me because I do monthly goals too. I have now the habit to fix me goals! I pick up my yearly goals in function of my biggest challenges.

A little look on my 2019 goals.

Stop ask me questions. I ask me so many questions. Futile questions! All these questions that I ask me are directly in relation with my daily anxiety. I just need to stop asking me questions! It could help me and reduce my anxiety.

Drink smoothies. Last summer, I discovered and fall in love with the instagram account @earthyandy, I love her photos. I have never much wanted to eat fruits that since I look on her photos. The smoothies that she shares inspire me and I want to drink all! I never made my own smoothies but I want to try.

Keep fighting my anxiety. I started so well the work in 2018, now I must keep fighting my anxiety. By the ways that I discovered last year or/and by find new ways. My biggest deal this year again!

Growing Up my adventurous mind. It’s awesome to discovered new things and to do new adventures. I want growing up again bigger my adventurous mind. Adventures equal life worth it.

Take care of me. Well! It’s really important to take care of yourself! I want and I think I need to take care of me this year. By little things like a face mask to bigger like some spa times.

Less obligations. I think particularly psychological obligations. With my borderline personality disorder, I can easily feel me guilty for the others peoples or sad for them. I see that as an obligation in my mind to feel me guilty. I need to work on myself to reduce obligations.

Work on my creativity. I do not want to do big arts! But I want to work and develop my creativity. I love calligraphy, coloring books,… It can be a good help maybe in my anxiety disorder.

Read Harry Potter books collection. I hear since so many years about Harry Potter. I never read a book or same watched a movie. Read is a hard thing for me, I can’t stay concentrate on what I read. Before I finish the phrase, I have forgotten the beginning. I feel positive for reading Harry Potter books, I want to discover what is the story. I don’t know again if I will choose paperbook, kindle, audible, maybe a mix, in function of how I manage.


Well! I love my goals! I feel hopeful, I could have a lot of work. What are your goals for 2019?




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