New Medication, Anxiety, Birthday,… lately.

Hi guys! Today, it will be a review of my week with specifies things and a random of life lately. It was a full and complicated week with a hot weather which is exceptional for mid-september in my town, I had a lot of anxiety crisis during the weekend but this weekend we celebrated my dad’s birthday also, and monday, I had a psychiatrist with the big decision to try a new medication for my obsessional thoughts.

We talked since few weeks now with my psychiatrist to try to take a medication for my obsessional thoughts who are in my head since much months now but I did not want because I have fear to take weight (like few years ago when I took this kind of medication) but this weekend I had a lot of anxiety crisis that finally I talked about with my psychiatrist on monday and she proposed to me a deal that I loved related to my fear to take weight… She proposed to me the deal to try the medication during just three weeks for see if that can help me a little and find back energy because with my obsessional thought I do not have a lot of energy, and stop in three weeks even if the medication helps me because in only three weeks of treatment I do not risk take really weight. I love this deal! So I started tuesday morning to take it. I take always Lamictal 25mg/mornings for manage better my borderline personality disorder and now I try to take Sertraline 25mg/mornings during three weeks. I already took Sertraline, I don’t know if that can help me on my obsessional thoughts because the last time it was more for my depression state. To see!

When you start to watch one Law and Order: SVU episode, it’s like when you start to eat one chocolate bar you start with one and at the number 5, you still can’t stop to eat or watch. Are you like that?

Friday afternoon, I took a walk at the center of my town.

I stopped by Starbucks.

During days, the weather is hot but in evenings it’s started to be chilly so during watching tv shows or movies, it’s hot tea time.

Sunday, we ate lunch at the restaurant because it was my dad’s birthday. I ate fish and fries. It was so so good!

… and a chocolate lava for dessert. It was a good time.

Between the night from Monday to Tuesday, I stayed up late for watch the Emmys. It’s at 2h00am tuesday it started. It’s the first time that I watched the Emmys (see that I must be staying up until 2h00am), it was also the first time that I watch USA tv in live. I watched 1 hour at 3h00am I decided to sleep. That worth it, I loved!

The weather is exceptionelly hot for this mid-september in my town, shorts and tees are again while usually  it’s already pants and long sleeves tees same jacket. Between my work times in mornings, I took little break outside in the garden.

Like the weather is again hot, I include again ice cream in my days.

Let’s just my creative goal, coloring on nights in bed during watching tv show.

Pop corn snack afternoon during watching psych. Yep!

That wraps this full week. Now, let’s time to see in the next weeks if this new medication helps me!

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow.




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